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Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by Peninha, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Bаlоtеlli аnd а mаtе sеt his hоusе оn firе аs thеy wеrе sеtting оff firеwоrks frоm his bаthrооm windоw. This wаs just аftеr hе did аn intеrviеw in thе guаrdiаn сlаiming hе hаd grоwn up whilе spеаking in thе 3rd pеrsоn thrоughоut.
    Thе оthеr оnе I hеаrd wаs thаt а kid аskеd him fоr аn аutоgrаph аftеr trаining. Bаlоtеlli аskеd him why hе wаsn't in sсhооl аnd thе kid sаid hе wаs bеing bulliеd sо hаd bunkеd оff. Bаlоtеlli drоvе him tо sсhооl in his spоrts саr (Mаsеrаti I think) аnd gоt thе kids tоgеthеr аnd mаdе thеm shаkе hаnds bеfоrе spееding оff аgаin. Brilliаntly, his PR tеаm put оut а stаtеmеnt sаying "Mаriо dоеs nоt tоlеrаtе bullying"
  2. Mаriо hаs rеturnеd аt Livеrpооl аftеr а prеtty dеluding аnd unluсky sеаsоn аt Milаn. Klоpp аlrеаdy sаid hе nееds tо find аnоthеr tеаm. I hоpеd until thе еnd thаt hе wоuld stаy аt Milаn but, if with Bеrlusсоni this wаs still pоssiblе, with thе nеw сhinеsе prоpеrty it’s unlikаblе. Hе mаy bе gоing tо Intеr whеrе hе’d find his mеntоr Mаnсini, whо trеаts him likе а sоn. Thе аltеrnаtivе wоuld bе Bеsiktаs оr Mаriо rеsсinding his соntrасt аnd bесоming а frее аgеnt. I hоpе hе rеturns thе plаyеr wе аll аdmirеd until 2013… Hе hаsn’t mаny yеаrs аhеаd аs hе’s аlrеаdy 26, but nоthing is impоssiblе.
  3. What are you saying @AlexZ? Mario is not at Liverpool, he is playing on French leader Nice and he is playing very well again, after being dismissed from Liverpool. He's already talking about winning the title for best player in the world, he's already dreaming too high again...
  4. I would place Balotelli, Messi and Ronaldo on the same table. The problem is that we judge him too much and forget how incredible he is in the field. Every celebrity has a scandal and some of them, like Mario, are kind of unlucky. The media can emphasize so much on his crazy side until it looks like it's all he does. Maybe he is not that crazy.
  5. No, no way my friend @ptahm22. There are quite a few differences between those 3 players. One, Messi is the one with the most talent. Ronaldo is short behind Messi in talent, but he makes that up with work ethics. As for Balotelli, he would need to work 10 times more to get close to the level of Cristiano and Messi... In my opinion. :) The talent is there though. ;)
  6. That's very kind of him to split his salary by half and give one part for charity. I respect him a lot for the magnanimity. That said, Balotelli is undoubtedly a great player, such an energetic and highly skillful player at scoring goals.
  7. Being a Manchester city fan, we had the pleasure of having Mario with us and sometimes the stories are bigger than the headlines he makes on the pitch. Two that I can think of is he stopped at a petrol station to fill up his car and there was a queue to pay. Instead of waiting in-line, he walked to the front of the queue and said I'll pay for everybody's fuel all at the same time, handed his card over and paid for the lot. The second story is he was stopped by the police driving his Bentley around a particularly rough part of the city. The police knew who he was and was in the middle of warning him that it might not be safe around there for him and they noticed a open bag on the back seat of the car. In it was stacks of bank notes that they found out totalled around £100,000! Asked what he was doing driving round with that amount of money, he replied he always carries that amount around with him for emergencies!

    I'm not sure what type of emergencies he expects, but I hope that I never have an emergency situation that requires me to spend £100,000!
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  8. Haha, really, he didn't want to wait for the line so he paid for everything? LOL I wish I was there!! :D

    £100,000 for emergencies is kind of insane, but at the same time what is that for him, a day's pay? Football players earn way too much money. Never knew if he was actually born in Italy or somewhere else?
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  9. That was pretty much what he said. For him carrying that amount of money was like the average man carrying round £50 in his wallet. His wages at Manchester City was around £175,000 a week, so it wasn't even a weeks wage he had in there!

    As for his background, I remember reading that he was born in Palermo, Sicily but moved to Bagnolo Mella when he was young and was given up for adoption at an early age I think. He does seem to court controversy wherever he goes but while he can be a frustrating player to watch, I do like him and I think football in general needs more characters like him.
  10. I was reading that he was from Gana, but maybe his parents were from there, as you are saying he was born in Palermo. Being adopted surely wasn't an easy life, so impressive how someone grows up without biological parents, yet with a talent that makes him world-wide famous. Being adopted does explain a lot of his different behaviors, but earning what he does I believe he can be eccentric. :)
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  11. When you have money, I do think that you can get away with more than the average person. If any 'normal' person got up to what he has then we'd be treated a lot more harshly, although having said that the press and media do give him a hard time I guess. When most of the headlines you make are off the field though instead of on it, you could say that he brings a lot of it on himself and it is hard to feel sorry for him sometimes.

    When he played for Manchester city he'd score 3 goals and win the game on the Saturday, then be caught for speeding and seen walking around the city centre handing out £50 notes to the homeless on the Monday, and you couldn't help wonder if he just does things without thinking, just like he does on the pitch. On the pitch though it's often a stroke of genius, off it, it's seen as attention seeking but I really don't think that's why he does it.
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  12. A lot more haha, as people worship more and consequently those who have it. Like you say, on the pitch he has a lot of talent, but if he doesn't work properly in training, that reflects when he plays.

    Funny enough, there aren't many Italian players play outside Italy I believe right? Balotelli and any other one?
  13. Tо bе hоnеst I fееl fоr plаyеrs likе Bаlоtеlli. Suсh а bеаutiful strikеr with thаt killеr strikеr's instinсt but fоr mе hе is just wаsting his tаlеnt. Hе usеd tо bе bеаst but his аttitudе аnd соntrоvеriеs оn аnd оff thе fiеld is just tоо muсh! hе will wаstе himsеlf just likе аdеbаyоurs аnd mаny plаyеrs likе him , thеy аll hаvе sоmе spесiаl tаlеnt but thеir аttitudе tоwаrds lifе соst thеm big timе.
  14. The media haven't helped him either though, and instead of supporting him and getting behind him they have taken the easy way out and ridiculed him instead. Now I know that he brought a lot of it on himself when he was young, but even now they are still doing it and constantly trying to wind him up.

    Just recently he gave an interview where the newspaper in question asked him about a lot of serious issues including about racism in football, and all they printed was the controversial things he said rather than the full transcript that would have put a lot of what he said into context. If they was interviewing anybody other than Mario, then I doubt that they would have done that.
  15. The media just want to sell newspapers or get audiences, they don't really exist to help anyone haha, sadly. If there is a piece of truth they have the capacity to distort is just to make a fantastic headline, and if we lose the time to read the full article we see that many times that title is unrelated to the full story. It might have happened to Mario as well as others too.
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  16. I've no doubt that the media will have distorted what Mario had to say, as it seems like they always do and like you say, as long as it makes an headline they don't care who gets hurt. With Mario though and the issues he's faced in the past, you would have thought he would have known better than to do the article in the first place because he should have known what they are like.

    I'm not blaming Mario, but he should have known better than to expect the media to paint a pretty picture of him, when they have never done so in the past.
  17. The media distort what Balotelli says, as they distort what any other says just in order to sell more newspapers, it's just how it goes. At the same time, I feel he really doesn't care that much and just does his thing. At the same time, what he does on the field is what makes him news, so there is where he has to work the hardest. ;)
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  18. Mario is also in a position that a lot of other footballers aren't in, and people do listen to what he as got to say. He's already made a lot of money out of football so really can say and do what he wants without the fear that his actions are going to ruin his future. With some footballers I think that they are more concerned with not creating any controversy because they want to earn as much money as they can. With Balotelli though, I think he says and does as he pleases and if people don't like be it.
  19. Yeah, and that is happening not only with him, but many other sportsmen who make millions. We cannot forget those millionaire superstars and more often than not in their twenties or early twenties, they are just kids that have a lot of money, and they think they can do what they want. In fact, they can lol! :)

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