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Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by Peninha, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. I just hope that if he does go that he goes to a club that knows how to manage him and maybe even builds a team around him. I reckon he may end up in France or back in Italy. I can't see one of the big Spanish clubs or another Premier League team taking a risk on him.
  2. I'm not even sure that a player like Mario CAN be managed?

    I think if a player is performing on the pitch, the fans and clubs are a little more lenient to what a player bets up to off it. The problem at the moment with Mario is he's not really doing that well at Liverpool on the pitch so obviously he's becoming more of a target, and more of a headline maker for things off it.
  3. He needs to concentrate more on the field, and not let the headlines get to him like he does. Recently he released a short videos having a rant at people slating him. Maybe if he put the effort in on the pitch he wouldn't be getting the slack he is.
  4. Well like I said, when he played for Manchester city, me being a city fan, I have to say we DID see some world class performances off him on the pitch, things that really did make you go WOW! Just not enough of them...

    I think that can make it worse for the fans, seeing that ability and how good he could be if he just put his mind to it, sadlyiI think a lot of footballers don't apply themselves these days as much as they should.
  5. Unfortunately for him is that everything he does (or doesn't do) magnifies the issue. If he doesn't perform for Liverpool then he's not going to get as much of a look-in in the national team. It may be a brave manager to not have him in the squad for big qualification games, but he's just not justifying his inclusion at the moment.
  6. Balotelli has already appeared on the top 10 flops of this years transfers, so it's really going downhill for him. He should really dedicate himself to playing football because he's a top player.
  7. I'll be intrigued to see what club views him as a "risk worth taking". It was the same with Anelka. He had his moments of brilliance, but when he stopped playing for his team, he really stopped playing for his team. I think Balotelli will be playing Champions League football next season. I'm just trying to work out whether it will be in France, Turkey or Greece...
  8. I think mayb he does need a move to a lesser known team just to take a bit of pressure off him. It might also help that he will be a big fish in a little pond again so to speak so he'll have a bit more responsibilty and other players might even look up to him.

    Sometimes that can help depending on a players mentality...
  9. Yep, pretty much the same scenario happened with Anelka, a hugely talented player that just wanted to enjoy himself and not work. I feel that players that get success to early tend to lose it soon too.
  10. And the crazy money being thrown at young men in their early 20's just makes it even worse. They haven't been skilled to do anything else other than football, they surround themselves with advisers that want them to make quick money, and they get caught up in all the glitz that the sport attracts. It's not a healthy environment for them.
  11. We had quite a few similar cases of talented players being lost due to money, so nothing like working hard. Balotelli can still recover if he changes his mentality I think, let's hope he does.
  12. It's funny you should mention Anelka because he also played for Manchester City aswell!

    I remember him being the same typ of player, very good to watch when he wanted to be but on a off day there was no point him being on the pitch.

    We've had a few players like that and they're so frustrating to watch.
  13. There are clubs with a lot of money that can pay a lot to young players and totally lose their mind. Both Balotelli and Anelka passed by the best clubs and best managers and at the same time they didn't change their ways.
  14. That's very true, I think certain players aren't able to reign in their own temperament so I don't think even the greatest clubs and managers will have a chance.

    Some people say though that there's a fine line between insanity and genius!
  15. Pogba, another player linked to Manchester city. I have to say I don't know a great deal about him if I'm honest, I know he's only young though.

    Just how good is he?
  16. It looks as though Balotelli will be offloaded by Liverpool in the summer which is a shame as he is a good lad really but his temperament lets him down time and time again. He has been at too many clubs already for such a young player and that doesn't help, he needs to find somewhere he can be settled and concentrate on his game without too many distractions.

    Anelka shares a similar story, his troubles began when he moved to Arsenal at just 19, he was too young and should have stayed in France a few more years to mature. He has ended up flitting from club to club and falling out with various managers throughout his career and so has never fulfilled his potential. I fear Balotelli's career will go the same way unless he can overcome his demons and find a club who will really support him.
  17. I think when he went to Liverpool he went with massive expectations, certainly from the Liverpool fans anyway. They sold Suarez and I think they expected balotelli to come in and carry on where Suarez left off but he's not that kind of player, an out and out striker.

    I don't think he'll score more than 15 goals a season for any club.
  18. He never fails to disappoint. His tweet after Aguero scored the first goal against Man Utd at the weekend, when he told the Man Utd fans to shut up, proved to be extremely premature. Man City losing 4-2 just left more egg on his face.
  19. Well I'm a manchester city fan so we wont mention what happened at the weekeend!

    I do agree though about his tweets but they just adds to part of his character. Peple dont follow him on twitter because theyre a fan of his football, its because they want him to say somwthing controversial. And he often does.

    Do you think his next move will be back to Italy?

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