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Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by Peninha, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. I think that the football player Balotelli deserves a thread for himself. :D He's a great football player, I could place him at the level of Ronaldo or Messi, but he seems not to have the head! What's your opinion on him?
  2. I still need to be convinced by him. He may well have the talent (and I still haven't seen enough of him applying it), but he doesn't have the right attitude. Whatever you may think about Ronaldo and his arrogance, he's extremely dedicated and hard working. That's not something that Balotelli can be accused of.

    He's still young and at a good enough club for high-level exposure, but I think he's going to have to apply himself very soon. Otherwise he'll be on a downward slope in terms of clubs that are willing to take him on. He's very much like Anelka was.
  3. That's spot on Onionman, he's just missing a wonderful career, he could be on top of the world, but with his childish attitudes he's not taking advantage of the talent he has. Look at Ronaldo, he works like no one else, that is why he's on top.
  4. I just hope that Balotelli doesn't get to the end of his career and has regrets. Talent and reputation can only get you so far in life. I hope he realizes that sooner rather than later.
  5. So far he has been able to jump from huge club to huge club, but this latest Liverpool flop might be the beginning of the end for him. I am not sure he will leave in January, but the fact is that a player that stays long without playing is done.
  6. Ironically he's probably been quite lucky at Liverpool with the amount of games he's played, as Daniel Sturridge has been injured and Balotelli has had more of a run in the team than he possibly would have. But once Sturridge is fit I can see Balotelli having a longer period on the bench. And that could indeed be the beginning of the end for him.
  7. Yes, he's been lucky all right. I remember when he was with Mourinho, that not even Mourinho could handle him. So the surprising for me is how a player that is totally undisciplined can still be desirable by the big clubs. The answer is quite obvious right, tons of talent.
  8. Balotelli is a good player no doubt but placing him on the same level with Messi or C.Ronaldo would be taking things too far in my opinion.
  9. This is a normal player. what you want out of it all?
  10. Being a new member to this site I was pleased to see that Mario has a thread all to himself!
    I am from Manchester and a big Manchester city fan and I have to admit that we all loved Mario. Sure he had his mad moments but he is certainly a character.
  11. I love Mario Balotelli! He's not just great in the field but also outside it. The football super star donates over 50% of his salary to the children in Africa. Now that's the kind of player people should idolize. He has a big heart, not only does he play for himself but also for all the people, to serve as an inspiration to countries that undoubtedly needs one.
  12. Hold on a second. I wouldn't go as far as to place Balotelli among the likes of Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Mario is more of a target man with low workrates, whereas the other two are prolific gifted hard workers who have a knack for scoring as well as assisting. Although Balotelli is undoubtedly talented, his peculiar mannerisms and nonchalance on the pitch sometimes seems to get the better of him and this simply stands in the way of him becoming one of the greatest.
  13. I don't think Mario is in the same class as messi and ronaldo but I think he could have been, I know he's still young but like whats been said already, I dont think he's got the right mentality to be truly world class but he has got the skills.
    He'll always be a legend to Manchester City fans anyway.
  14. There is no doubt that Balotelli is very talented but it's just not working out for him at Liverpool so far. He did well at Manchester city but was always surrounded by controversy, he is a great character but needs to learn to channel it in the right way so that it doesn't affect him on the pitch and get him in to trouble off it.

    As May102014 said he donates 50% of his salary to children in Africa, in this age of greed driven footballers it is wonderful to see and he has my admiration and respect for that. There was a story in Manchester of him at a petrol station filling his car up and then paying for everyone else's petrol who were there as well, amazing. His heart is obviously in the right place and i really hope it works out for him at Liverpool, we need these characters in football.
  15. Personally i dont rate Balotelli compared to other current strikers in the Italian set up. I think Immobile and Zaza are much better all round strikers than him. The only reason you hear so much about him is mainly due to his off the field antics as oppose to on the pitch.
  16. He continues to be enigmatic. Watching him at the weekend in the match against Manchester United was a classic point. A very early booking after coming on as substitute, a few quality passes and then close to getting sent off. That's what you expect from him.
  17. When he was at Manchester city he was the same. Off the pitch we loved the stories and all the things that went with him. ON the field though he was one of the most frustrating players to watch. It was obvious he had the ability, it's just he strolled around the pitch and only played well when he wanted to.
    He wont be changed no matter what happens, he is what he is and when a club buys him they know what they're getting i think.
  18. The next few months are going to be key because I expect Liverpool to buy another striker in the summer (Lambert and Borini aren't cutting it either). So he'd better do something in the run in to the end of the season or it could be the end for him there.
  19. Balotelli will leave in the summer, there is no way he will stay. Rodgers has already hinted at this, and he was rumoured to be sold in the January window on the cheap but this did not materialise.
  20. I'd like to see balotelli be happy at a club. At Manchester city I think he was the happiest he's been as a player, if a club is willing to take a chance on him and let him be himself, I think hell be an asset to them.
    I am slightly biased as I've met him a couple of times and while other players sometimes don't make an effort with the fans, he was always more than willing to sign autographs and have his picture taken with you so, even though he gets a lot of bad press, some of it he brings on himself, I don't think he gets a fair chance.

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