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Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by Peninha, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Well I'm a manchester city fan so we wont mention what happened at the weekeend!

    I do agree though about his tweets but they just add to part of his character. People dont follow him on twitter because they're a fan of his football, its because they want him to say something controversial. And he often does.

    Do you think his next move will be back to Italy?
  2. Possibly back in Italy. It's going to be about who's willing and able to pay his salary. Don't be surprised if Galatasary or Fenerbahce come in for him. At the very least, he can use such a move to rebuild his reputation while also being able to showcase his talents in Champions League/Europa League football.
  3. I certainly think there will be clubs willing to take him on, while I think his reputation as take a bit I'd a hit I do believe that he's worth giving another chance. On talent and skill alone, he's a champions league player but at the moment I think maybe playing for a club that's not in the spotlight might do him a world of good, take some of the pressure off him and let him get back to just playing football away from the media pressure.
  4. Now that Liverpool has been splashing the cash on a variety of strikers, where does everyone think Balotelli is going to be this coming season? By my last count, Liverpool currently has 7 strikers. Obviously some will have to go. Can you see Balotelli hanging around after last season?
  5. In a word, no. I think he had to make a move from Liverpool this season, for his own good as a player, aswell ad for the good of the football club. Some moves just don't work out, and I think this as been one of them.

    He's not made himself loved by the fans either by coming out wishing sterling all the best, a player that a lot of Liverpool supporters consider a Judas.
  6. I think he will not more to Italy again. Maybe in old football age but at the moment definitively not. The money you get in England from the top football clubs you cannot get in Italy because the clubs does not have the financial capital anymore like Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea have. In sum the football league is much stronger than the Italian Series A so that he can develop his skills much better in England than in Italy.
  7. Mario will certainly develop more as a player in England but with him already played for two teams, neither have been that successful, I'm not sure what clubs would be willing to buy him next.

    When a footballer is on the amount of money he is, I wouldn't have thought money would be an issue anymore, and for career development, he should really be thinking about what's best for him.
  8. I can't see him staying in England. He has high aspirations and the teams that would take him probably won't be playing in the Europa League never mind the Champions League. I still think there's a chance he'll end up in Greece or Turkey. Turkey in particular likes to splash the cash and it could be used to resurrect his career.
  9. The thing with playing in Turkey is it seems like the top players never get a big move after that. It's like a graveyard and players only go there because they aren't wanted in any other leagues.

    With Mario, I do still think he's good enough, and young enough to do a job, just maybe not in England.
  10. In 2012 he was almost perfect. I still believe in him. Moreover, I support AC Milan for like 10 years, so I don't have the other choice but wish him good luck and strenght.
  11. While I understand that you feel like you have to get behind him now, as he's a player at the team you support, before he came back though, would there have been other players you would have preferred to see in his place?
  12. Now that he's at a club he loves I wonder whether this will lead to a lasting relationship there or whether it's a platform to another top-end club next season. I can't see Liverpool taking him back at the end of the loan. The trouble is he's probably running out of clubs to go for and he's not the player he was (albeit he's still quite young).
  13. Actually, yes. For example, I wish Zlatan had stayed at Milan back in the day or Torres had found his best shape again. I also like Graziano Pelle but he's doing well in England now and I'd argue that his move to Italy would increase his progress. I hope to see him score at the Euro 2016 and probably at the World Cup 2018 too.
  14. It is very unlikely that he can be on Messi level. Ronaldo level yes, because Ronaldo is very dominant physically and he is just explosive and strong which gives him the control over the last part of the action and that is the shot. That is why he has more problems to outsmart defenders who are strong and fit than those who are good in tactics and positioning. Long story short, Ronaldo likes and needs the space. He pushes the ball and run for it because he can while Messi likes the ball in his legs. Balotelli is more like Christiano because of everything that I said but I feel like he has fake confidence, unlike Ronaldo, and that is why he is not so prolific or important for the team like Ronaldo is.
  15. I wouldn't say that Balotelli is ever going to be as good as Messi or Ronaldo and that's a shame really. He's showed that he's got the skills and the moment of genius that players like that need, unfortunately I just think that's his mentality that lets him down.
  16. He's my friend's favorite player. I'm not really into that football thing, but my friend is, and he absolutely loves Balotelli. I keep asking him time and time again what separates Balotelli from more popular guys like Messi or Ronaldo, but he always replies the same way: you have to watch the game he is in to be able to appreciate his work. Apparently, with or without the ball, in or out the field, he has a distinct presence that makes people gravitate to him, and make fans like him even more.
  17. 4 years ago he was a star at Euro 2012. He gave a very impressive performance. Unfortunately, he's not around for the current tournament. I hope he will regain his power as soon as possible.
  18. With a player like this, even though he's undoubtedly got the talent, he simply can't be relied on because of his temperament.

    Everyone says as he gets older he might get more mature, but unfortunately for him that doesn't appear to be the case and sooner or later he's going to turn around and find that there's no clubs willing to take a risk on him anymore.
  19. pwarbi, He reminds me of Adriano with whom he played for Inter at the end of 2000s. That guy once was super talented. However, some of his personal issues and the developing alcohol addiction pretty much destroyed his talent once and for all.
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  20. They do say that every genius is flawed in some way, and that can be said when talking about Balotelli aswell I think. On the field he can do exceptional things with a ball (when he wants to) but looking at his attitude and the way he acts off it, there's definitely something there that's stopping him becoming as good as he should be, and that's a crying shame for him, and also for the sport of football itself.
  21. Balotteli seems to be back now, after that failed experience in the English football and particularly poor in Liverpool. Nice is not a huge club, he seems to have finally found his motivation, so I hope he gets back on track and eventually find his way back to the Italian national team. As a football fan, I hate to see a wasted talent. :)

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