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Italy Bans Smoking In Cars

Discussion in 'Health and Education' started by sunflogun, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. I dоn't оwn саrs аnd thus dоn't smоkе in оnе. Smоking is аn ubiquitоus hаbit whеrе I livе, аnd I'vе sееn pеоplе whо оwn а саr smоkе.
    Whеn pеоplе smоkе, thеy inhаlе, fееls thе smоkе, аnd thеn rеlеаsеs а сеrtаin аmоunt оf smоkе bасk intо thе еnvirоnmеnt. Аftеr thаt, thеy inhаlе thе оxygеn thаt wе аll brеаthе.
  2. Yeah, smoking is a really nasty habit, and the smell sticks in the car forever, so this is an excellent measure Italians have taken, and I wish the same would be done in my country. Usually the ones that suffer the most in cars are kids, who have to smoke as well just because their parents do, a lack of awareness if you ask me.
  3. I heard that there is also a ban on public smoking in Italy. Smoking in closed spaces like cars is the most dangerous thing to do, especially if there is a kid. There is also a ban on selling cigarettes to minors which attracts a huge penalty and revoking of licence.

    As you know second hand smoking is more dangerous than direct smoking. There is another threat called third hand smoking which is the result of nicotine and other harmful chemicals left by smokers. This the most dangerous form and quite often kids become prey to this evil. In Italy there is also a huge fine waiting for those who carelessly throw their used-up cigarette butts.
  4. I wish that could happen in my country, as smoking is a terrible habit. A few years ago they banned it from closed public spaces, but not from open ones. So if I am outdoors drinking a coffee, someone can be just sitting next to me smoking. This is forbidden in Italy?
  5. No. It's only banned in closed public places.
  6. OK, so it's pretty much like in my country. In some areas closed smoking areas were created, like in airports, but isolating smokers is good for them to start understanding they are harming other people, not just themselves.

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