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Italy Bans Smoking In Cars

Discussion in 'Health and Education' started by sunflogun, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. So this is a positive news as far as I see it, Italy has banned smoking in cars carrying children and pregnant woman. I think smoking should be banned from all closed spaces, but this is definitely a good start!

    Italy bans smoking in cars carrying children

  2. That's great news and definitely a positive thing, in my opinion. In my country that's already the law and I'm glad it's the case - children can't speak up and say no, that they don't want to be in the car, they're reliant on their parents. It's good to know that something is being done to protect their health. We all know the dangers of smoking these days so I don't know why a parent would want their child to be around that anyway!
  3. That law as also come into force over here in the UK and even though I'm a smoker I agree that it's a good thing that should have been brought in a lot sooner.

    What I don't understand is that surely it's just common sense and people should know not to smoke with kids in the car, without them having to pass a law in the first place?
  4. There's one thing I've realized and it's a favorite quote of mine these days - "common sense, not so common". To a lot of people it would seem absolutely unfathomable to smoke with little ones in the car, but to others it's not even something that there's a second thought about!
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  5. Well that's very true, should we start calling it uncommon sense?

    It's Dane with smoking in general, and when I was in Rome a few years ago it seemed like everybody had a cigarette in their mouths, I'm a smoker so it didn't bother me when or where I smoked.

    Here in the UK, if your a smoker people look at you like you've just run their dog over so I only smoke in my garden at home and not in any public places. Again, it's that common sense, and if your the only one who smokes, you don't go and stand in the middle of a group of people that aren't smoking.
  6. In Japan when I was there for vacation recently, you can still smoke in the vast majority of restaurants and cafes that are indoors! I'm not a smoker so it was hard when I would be in a restaurant and someone else would come in and light up! I remember the first time I saw it I was like "what is that guy doing?!" because in my country you would get arrested for that!
  7. I remember when the no smoking in restaurants and bars came in also, and while a lot of people we're against it, I even knew non smokers that didn't agree because they said it was against people's human rights (or something like that) but now it's just the norm.

    I've never been to Japan, as its not a country that really appeals to me. Maybe one day though, for now I'll just stick to Italy, its a lot closer for a start!
  8. I’m a smoker / vaper and agree with this 100%

    They need to make smoking as anti-social as possible in public places but leave it up to the individual to decide what do they do in their own private space.
  9. I think that's about right. Like I said I'm a smoker myself and know when and where it's appropriate to smoke. Others don't seem to care who they upset so I think the authorities need to step in and say we won't tell you that you can't smoke, but we will tell you where you can't, and I think that's about right.
  10. I think this is a really good move. People should have respect for more vulnerable individuals such as kids and pregnant women. Good call.
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  11. I agree and it wouldn't surprise me if this law came into effect in more and more countries.

    Its just a shame that it had to come down to being a law and people couldn't just use their common sense instead.
  12. Yes, that is definitely a great move. I don't mind smoking, but to do it within the vicinity of children is really awful. Smokers need to understand that their smoke is theirs alone, and that not everyone wants to smell it when they do it. It actually feels like they are the ones insulted sometimes, when you ask them to do it somewhere else, it's crazy. What a world we are living in now, huh?
  13. I see this as a really good thing actually. I am not a smoker but still, even if I do I would like this law because I think it is a distraction and I think the fact one of your hands is occupied was the main reason for this ban. I really applaud your government. I wish this becomes a trend and comes to Serbia. We are not very conscious drivers.
  14. Well, from one point of view it's my car and I can do whatever I want inside. From another, it seems pretty logical. However, I would call it "smoking and driving ban". That would be more correct.
  15. Whichever way you look at it, its clearly a good idea on the health grounds but I still get the impression more and more countries are turning into nanny states.

    We know smoking in cars is bad for us, but they're our cars and it's our life. Do we really need a politician to come along and smack our hands, put a ban on this and say we've been very naughty?
  16. Well certainly it is good news and a step in the right direction, but I must say that I am a bit surprised that it happened. I am just basing that off of my experience there and seeing A LOT of people smoking. At the time I did smoke too though so maybe I was seeing thigs a little differently back then, but it was very common and seen everywhere. While it is a good thing, I do agree with @pwarbi a little and you cannot help but notice that it is very nanny state like.
  17. Why would calling it that be more correct? You don't have to be actually driving the vehicle for you to be breaking the law. You can be prosecuted just sat in it smoking in a car park now, and that's something else I'm not sure I entirely agree with.

    In principle it's a fair law, but surely the government and the law enforcement have better things to be doing other than targeting motorists with yet another law they have to abide by.
  18. I was thinking about this! In Hungary they made all restaurants and bars and etc. non smoking ones a few years ago (let's say around 5 years) and it is the norm already, and now they also did it in Romania and everyone is all over their rights and human rights and smokers right and all the right.

    Just give it a few years and everyone will be calm and cool about it.
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  19. There a always going to be a fine balance I think when it comes to anything like this. Even smokers can see the sense in the new laws, it's just that at the same time, people don't like being told what to do.

    In the beginning there will be an outcry, but that will soon fade away and like you said, sooner rather than later it will just be accepted as normal.
  20. Well this is really a good move, but I am a little surprised that it came from Europe and not somewhere else like Asia. Although, for all I know it is already illegal there.

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