Bari Airport Train Metro Fm2


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For those that travel into Bari Airport, you will be pleased to know that they have now opened the new Bari Airport Metro line FM2.

This new line connects Bari airport with Bari Centrale Railway station making it so much easier for people get into the city centre and for those who have onward rail journeys.

The train journey takes just 13 minutes and costs €5.

You can check out the timetable and book tickets online at:
If you want to go to Bari Centrale (Main Train Station), always take Bus NR. 16 of the local AMTAB-company. The bus will bring you within 35 minutes to the centre and costs 1,00 if you buy the ticket in the bookshop in the airport. Buying a ticket on the bus is 1,50 euro.

The metroline costs 5 (!!!) euros and takes you in about 15 minutes to the train station. BUT: The metroline isn't a metroline, but a regional train that runs approx. every 45 minutes. If you walk one station ahead to the station "Europa" you'll have to pay only less more than one euro. All trajects, ending or beginning at the airport cost 5 euro. It's really hard to see that such a project is cofinanced by the European Union. If you go from Bitonto (2 stations more than Aeroporto) to Bari Centrale, you'll have to pay 1,40. The train comes from Bitonto to Bari Centrale, passing the Airport. If you can see, every passenger coming from the airport has to co-finance one more unnecessary project of the EU!

Non prendete la FM2 dall'aeroporto a alla stazione centrale di Bari, prendete bus 16!!!
The trains are indeed short over ground trains that enter the tunnels just before the airport. It’s also a very long walk from the platform to the terminal through tunnels so add another 10 minutes to your journey. The trains are also very infrequent losing even more time.

Can’t comment on the busses but they seemed to be much more frequent and cost less too. Also, Bari airport is quite small so they will drop you off right outside the terminal building.