Alcohol Licensing Laws in Italy


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Alcohol Licensing Laws in Italy

Over the last year i have noticed that new licensing laws have come into effect in at least two regions (Lombardia and Emilia Romagna and I'm pretty sure its a national thing.

Pubs, Bars, and nightclubs can longer sell alcohol after 2am.

So i know this is a good thing in the sense of reducing the amount of drink driving that goes on in Italy but is this the answer to the problem?

A friend of mine runs a pub. (Italian) Before customers were allowed to drink outside the pub without problems. Now it seems that pubs will be fined if customers are caught taken drinks outside of the pub. (Bologna - unless they have a special license)

I can understand why not allowing glass bottles etc but not even in a plastic glasses are allowed anymore.

So this fine when its winter and cold but what happens in the summer?

The bars that have their little garden (tables and chairs) in the street i guess will not be affected but for those who don't pay or have the opportunity to pay the extraordinary fee that the comune asks for the license will become less busy.

I am all for control of alcohol related problems but i moved to Italy because it had more of an outside lifestyle but that now seems to be slowly disappearing.

Italy has a very tough drink driving laws and only allow 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per milliliter of blood compared to another European country which i would consider to be more realistic (UK 0.8)

How do you know how much your drinking?

It is fine if you buy a bottle of beer as the alcohol content is displayed on the bottle but most Italians i know drink cocktails and how strong that is depends on the person making it!!!!! There are no measurements just a guess from the eye!

What are your views and do you feel this is the correct way forward?
under 18 can no longer buy alcohol

So it seems that Italy is now going one step further with their alcohol policy.

Today the Italian senate have passed a new article that under 18's can no longer purchase alcohol in bars or clubs. If this passed through the Camera then it will be law.

Here is a copy of the Italian text:

'Aumenta da 16 a 18 anni il divieto di somministrazione degli alcolici. La novita' arriva con un articolo del disegno di legge approvato oggi in prima lettura al Senato. Discoteche e locali, quindi, se il provvedimento sara' approvato anche alla Camera, non potranno servire bevande alcoliche ai ragazzi'
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Re: Alcohol Licensing Laws in Italy

In most countries drinking beer and wine is allowed at age 16, 18 for everything else. I am sure it is 18, but they sometimes they don't card. It depends on where you go. go to a high profile bar in downtown and they will card, go to a hole in the wall mom and pop and they don't care.
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Re: Alcohol Licensing Laws in Italy

I guess I can see how this could reduce accidents, but I don't think it's fair to punish the people who don't drink and drive and the business owners. Just my thought.
Re: Alcohol Licensing Laws in Italy

After a recent trip down to the south of Italy, (by Road) I noticed that they have now changed the license laws to see alcohol in the autogrills (service stations)

They are no longer allowed to sell it between 10pm and 6pm (even if its gift bottle)