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How Come Italians Don't Put Ketchup On Their Pizza?

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by Julian02, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. It's not a very common thing here in Italy. :eek: We usually eat pizza with tomato sauce. Is ketchup a thing people overseas actually put in their pizzas? Sounds kind of disgusting honestly. I only put ketchup on foods like hamburgers or fries. :D
  2. I love ketchup but I would never dream to put it in my pizza. In my opinion ketchup is too sweet and it would spoil a good pizza. We eat pizza with tomato sauce and fresh herbs or in some cases with chopped fresh tomatoes (the "Marinara" pizza for example). I've never heard of someone eating pizza with ketchup, it's just not done. I don't think it has anything to do with snobbery, It has more to do with difference in tastes and habits. I always have a bottle of ketchup in my house but I usually put it on fries, hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches.
  3. Well ketchup, the one you buy in store is sh**. You don't have tomatoes in it and it is filled with starch or whatever. I make ketchup and tomato sauce myself and the basic thing is seasoning and how you use them. Ketchup is a topping so you should not heat it and sauce goes with meat and inside of a dish. Seasoning is another thing but I guess everybody has a recipe for these two.
  4. I bake pizza at home and I always put tomato sauce on my pizza because the taste won't be as good as it should be without the tomato sauce. However, I also put ketchup on my pizza every time I eat it, I don't know but I like the taste of it even though it already has a tomato sauce. Well if I don't put ketchup then definitely I'll put some hot sauce in it :)
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  5. I think that's the main point to make, and like you say we make or order our food to our own tastes and if you want tomato sauce on there then there's nothing to stop you. In regards to Italians not using it when making pizza, I think it's just what they have got used to and eat a pizza made in Italy, and then one made in another country and even though they are normally advertised as authentic, they are totally different.
  6. The fact you just have to learn to get used to tomato paste on your pizza and you going to enjoy it like one that was already used to ketchup. I wouldn't use ketchup on my pizza, I am better of using ketchup on fries
  7. I would be shocked to see anyone do this. Is this a thing? That sounds just terrible to me, but maybe I am missing something here.
  8. Yes I agree :) I love to make my pizza cheesier even without lots of tomato sauce, that's the way I like it :D Yes there are lots of pizza parlors and restaurants in our place that serves Italian pastas and pizzas. I ordered some sometime ago and it tastes really delicious, I'm just not sure if it tastes the same since I haven't tried an authentic Italian pizza.
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  9. Oh my goodness, the reason the waiter gave you a dirty look when asking for ketchup is because he took that as an insult I think. I'm Italian and we do take pride in our Sauces? Everyones sauces are different, handed down from generation, to generation. I don't think the waiter should have given you a dirty look though, because everyone has different taste preferences. :)
  10. Thе rеаl prоblеm with pizzа is thе limitаtiоn оf ingrеdiеnts bаsеd оn priсе.
    If I gо tо аn аmеriсаn Pizzа Pаrlоr, mоst оf thе pizzаs аrе bаsеd оn а sеt оf сhеаp ingrеdiеnts оf аvеrаgе tо frеsh quаlity, yеs mоst оf thе timе sеrvеd tо еxсеss but still vеry limitеd оn сhаrасtеr.
    In оthеr wоrds with а littlе еxpеrimеntаtiоn yоu саn truly сrеаtе а pizzа wоrth сrоwing аbоut!
    I wаs purсhаsing а stоrе mаdе pizzа аt а whоlе 5 dоllаrs fоr thе mаin ingrеdiеnts аs а frоzеn pizzа. In tаstе tеrms it wаs blооdy аwful
  11. Because in Italy there is a big culture of food. Pizza is good like that, without any additional ingredients or sauce. There is a different way to see it. We don't usually mess up with food, probably that's why we have one of the best cuisine in the world.
    Please apologize my english and thank you for reading!

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  12. Gotta love this thread! :D Ketchup is not an ingredient for pizza, tomato sauce is. If we think of it, what's the big difference between tomato sauce and ketchup? In theory tomato sauce is more natural, just crushed tomatoes, and that's the base for any pizza I believe, in Italy or anywhere else in the world right?

  13. For the same reason that they don't put ketchup on Lasagne al Forno, Spaghetti Alfredo or Spaghetti Marinara, Veal Cacciatore, etc. Are you sure you're not an Englishman who used to reside in Arizona & took a trip to Albuquerque, NM in the fall of 1991, & outraged an entire Italian Restaurant's cooking staff by demanding ketchup for your Italian food? lol
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