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Do You Like Lasagna?

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by Snarya, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. It seems that we all have our own little ways of making Lasagne that gives it our own personal touch, and that can be said about a lot of other recipes that we make. We can all read a cookbook and make a meal that tastes nice, but it's the little added things that we pick up that make the difference.

    I'm sure many of us have a grandmother or Aunt who as passed down their own ways of doing things that we have also taken on board, and that's one of the great things about cooking. Everyone on this forum can make a lasagne, but they will all taste ever so slightly different.
  2. The more that you can put some ricotta cheese in there the better for me. I did have a nice little chicken lasagna the other day, though, and it had nothing of the sort but it was still pretty good. I think it all comes down to the way it is made.
  3. I like lasagna mainly because it is a delicious and popular Italian dish. I like the standard and stereotypical lasagna but with a little extra mozzarella cheese. It also is popular to serve when guests are around as it is also meant to serve to lots of people. I also like it because it is easy to make then other Italian foods. When it is made very good it tastes even much better than just a normal made lasagna. Of course if you go to a certain Italian restaurant it is even more tastier.
  4. Lasagna is the best, when it's properly made, and by properly made I mean, no bechamel sauce in it, as it's awful. I am guessing the original Italian recipes include different sorts of cheese, and I think that's the way it should go, and not some bad sauces. More, I like it with a lot of tomato sauce in the meat, that's what makes the difference for me.
  5. I have read your posts and I have noticed a special thing, you did not use to put chicken or steak inside of the lasagna. I believe people around of world change famous food of Italia to please your taste. We are used to put chicken inside of the lasagna in Brazil.
  6. Chicken lasagna really? That's not normal to happen in Portugal, we used cow meat in our lasagnas, but we also have vegetarian ones, but they are not the most common. We have a lot of Italian restaurants here, and the lasagna there never disappoints, but I am guessing that in Italy it's better? :)
  7. Yes, it is so delicious. Vegetarian lasagna is very common here (in Brazil), but chicken lasagna is national preference. If you do not taste it yet, I strongly recommend it to you. There is a lot of recipes for the chicken lasagna in the internet. The true lasagna from Italy must be the best, as soon as possible I will taste it. :D

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  8. Thanks for sharing that picture @vinisouz, it looks delicious indeed! One thing I have learned about lasagnas though, is that the meat is not the most important, but all the condiments that give it all those depths of flavor. It's certainly a dish that is really satisfying for me.
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  9. I like eating lasagna, this wasn't my original childhood food but got to know about it from friends. My first experience eating this pasta wasn't too fine since I wasn't used to eat before I wanted to be sure of the ingredients. After a few more time I began to enjoy the meal. Now I am quite use to lasagna just that I can't prepare it.
  10. I had some vegetable lasagna the other, but I swore to myself that I am not going to let it affect my overall feeling towards this great food. It was very subpar and really nothing I wish to have again, but I still like the regular kind.

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