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Zepolli - An Italian Donut

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by sabina, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Zepolli is an Italian donut that my mother-in-law calls frito (which means fried in Italian). She makes it every Christmas and sometimes at Easter. It is made with ricotta cheese and sprinkled with very fine sugar. I've had it in different places and usually find it a little greasy. Compared to a regular donut these are yummy.
  2. My girlfriend was talking about these a while back. She said that as a child they called them 'the donut holes', which is kind of cute I think. I am looking forward to trying the real thing.
  3. These look good :)

  4. I tried some of these at Christmas party at an Italian friends house, and they're pretty good! I think the sugar is supposed to soak up the grease a little, when made right. Not sure though.
  5. I hadn't ever heard of these before, which is somewhat surprising since my grandparents are Italian! Are they from a certain region of Italy, perhaps? My grandparents were from the north so perhaps it just wasn't a regional specialty there. They do sound interesting though, I'd give them a try if I came across them!
  6. I also haven't heard of these either but they look and sound like my kind of thing! What's not to like? Haha

    I'd imagine that the only place you can even get these is in Italy, or like @Kitty Reeves said and from an Italian friend.
  7. I just took a look on Wikipedia and it said the following:

    Zeppoli are typical of Italian cuisine, especially that of Rome and Naples. They are also served in Siciliy, Sardinia, on the island of Malta and in Italian-Canadian and Italian-American communities in Canada and the USA.

    I think that might be why I hadn't heard of them, since it sounds more like they're southern Italian than northern!
  8. I've had these before and they are delicious! They are fried so eating too many can definitely upset your stomach after a while. I've had a bunch of these at Italian festivals but never had them homemade.
    My friend who traveled to Italy to study abroad said she doesn't remember seeing these there. I think its more of an Italian American tradition.

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