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Why So Relaxed In Italy?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by CeeAnna, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Italy, like any other country, has it's issues when it comes to the economy, but I find that when I'm in Italy, everyone around me is relaxed. It's like their zen like state is contagious. Has anyone else encountered this strange feeling of bliss?
  2. I think that this is because stress is useless anyway!

    Sure, the economy has hit the ground and many families are poor now and can't afford a lot of what they used to afford before, they are preoccupied with what the future will bring but, most of these people I know came to realize that stressing out is not going to resolve their problems anyway.

    I'm actually glad people around me are like that. I guess we all have to accept the fact that life is what it is.
  3. I like what Rosie said and completely agree!
    I would assume that due to the warm climate, people are naturally more relaxed. I can remember how surprised I was when I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles and could believe how laid back people were, right down to the music everyone listened to! The warmer and more natural an environment is the more relaxed you will be. Also, there is never a thing wrong with that! I've noticed that people who are more successful and creative live as close to the ocean as possible. Which would make so much sense considering that many of the most talented artists, musicians are from Italy!
  4. I believe that people are happy and relaxed as that is the way they live. I am sure they have been taught that having stress is a little too much for a human body and prefer to tackle the situations in a stress free environment. I am sure that the output of this is quite positive as this stress free living has been seen and lived for many years by now in Italy.
  5. Italians do look a lot more relaxed and happy. Perhaps it is the environment that makes the people more creative and successful in a creative life. :)
  6. I like the saying "If you can do something about it, then don't worry about it. If you can't do anything about it, then what's the use in worrying?" I guess it's also the delicious food, culture, and environment that makes a great place to relax.
  7. From what I have seen, family is very important in Italy and in most other countries, people want to earn so they can move out and buy their own place or rent. The pressure is less intense in Italy and all my Italian friends seem to always be able to live at home or at a relatives for as long as they need. Many don't have the pressure to save for a deposit and can spend more time with the family rather than in the UK where you fit in as much overtime in so you can save up.

    Lunch and dinner is important, and I remember being ushered out (very nicely by an older gentleman) of a pharmacy at lunchtime. They didn't need the business and wanted to have lunch and this was in Florence!
  8. Italians worry about today, today. They work hard and relax too. There is a balance there and everything is done in moderation. Life and love is beautiful and thats all there is to worry about, the rest will sort itself out.
  9. It is the culture of the Italians that brings the relaxed ambience. I'm sure Italians have their fair share of worries, but their perspective on life and the cultural ways probably make life a little easier. Young people live at home with parents and the pressure to earn is probably not as high. The family dynamics makes life easier.
  10. I'd agree with Regina Juno. Culture. A way of life. I was so surprised to see how they just took walks and met friends on the street and started talking and sometimes ended up in a café or restaurant, just passing the time and chatting. Sitting on benches in piazzas. Even the supermarket employees were wayyy too relaxed! The supermarket was completely empty save for a cashier and then you had the five or six employeees just smoking outside!

    I guess that economy can change many of your opportunities, but not change who you are deep down!
  11. Italians do have worries but the mindset is different. We dont stress about the little things and when you do have worries, by worrying you dont make the problems go why worry because everything will work out in the end. We also vent often and dont bottle up our feelings and emotions and this helps releasing pressures.
  12. I agree, it's all about the culture :) And this is something I have picked up over the years as well!

    I used to be quite a stressed person (I still am, but I worry about bigger things now) but in the last couple of years, I have noticed that, whenever I come home (as in, to visit my home country and everyone here), I am stressed and, often, I get mad about little things: the guy who parks like a jerk, the cars that never let me cross the street, the cashier at the supermarket who doesn't smile and so on... I get mad, I really do! And, I enjoy the stay when I visit, but can't wait to get back home (to Italy).

    It's just something about Italy and Italians that make me forget about these little aspects. They are always so polite and so nice all the time! If everyone is so nice to each other, no wonder no one gets mad about the little things :D
  13. Sometimes the little things do make us mad but when you think about it, you find that it is not that big a deal and that worrying about little things will not change or fix a problem.
  14. Italy has that old charm about it. Yes it has big cities but also a lot of small towns and villages, that have their traditional cultures that they stick to. The economy is good there but as any where else, has it's problems. I love their way of life.
  15. I find the economy not so good and that is in most of the world right now. I love Italy and would absolutely love to live there but just cant see that happening anytime soon. I would retire there but the pension is also not that great, quality of life........for sure!!!
  16. I agree also as I would love to live there, just to get away from the rat race of the U.S. I'm sure the economy isn't any more worse than any other country. Does anyone know the average income in Italy?
  17. Its great that the country makes you feel this way, and that their people does as well....It really is a great country. Besides who doesn't like great energy all the time?.
  18. I think, it's within the mentality. Basically, they don't like rush and cherish the moment instead. Italy is a home to the whole "Slow Movement". It's principles are opposite to the ones of a big city.
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  19. Even though they have economic issues, I think Italy faces far less things to worry about than some other countries. Plus I think the whole setting and surroundings make every one just feel relaxed.
  20. Except on the roads, that is! XP

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