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Why do you Americans think that italians are poor?

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by anna2009, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Why do you Americans think that italians are poor?

    Italy used to be a relatively poor country maybe 50 years ago, but I can't see how anyone could possibly call Italy poor now
  2. I have never had the impression that Americans think Italy is poor, maybe different then America but certinly not worse off why else would we buy designer Italian things?
  3. Hello.
    May I know, where did you get the idea that the Americans think that Italy is poor? And how do they define poor anyway?
  4. I also don't believe that this is a common belief in America. I certainly have never heard it. There may be old movies for decades back that portray Italy in that way, but quite honestly, there's nothing in today's culture that has that vision.
  5. Do they? I have never heard that before.

    Like every country in the world, Italy, America and the UK have there areas of lesser wealth, but I have never considered Italy in general to be a por country...but them I am not an American!
  6. Re: Why do you Americans think that italians are poor?

    I don't know where you got this impression. Certainly, there are many Americans who, sadly, are misinformed about any country that's not the United States, but there is no widely-held "Italy is poor/Italians are poor" myth. It would be really nice if you told us why this question came up.....
  7. Italy is far from poor now, it's just that the distribution and management of wealth is different. I've never forget what an Italian friend of mine said to me: "In USA, if your father had to get a heart transplant, he'd have to pay $20,000 to have it done at a private clinic. In Italy he would go to a hospital and just say thanks to the doctor"
  8. I dont think Italy could ever be considered a poor country even years ago! Italy was actully much better off in the lira days when things cost so much less. With the Euro, prices of products have shot up but wages are almost the same making it harder than before.

    And yes, Italy being part of Europe has free Emergency Medical Care. (For EU Citizens) Most other hospital visits have a ticket charge. (around 35 euro but depends on nature of visit)
  9. The US thinks Italy is poor ?? Its news to me , especially when you've visited some of the tourist spots in Florence or Rome and heard a New York accent shouting "How MucH??!??" at the ticket offices

  10. I really don't even understand where the idea that "Italy is a poor country" came from, unless it's based off a long time ago, and certain assumptions still continue?

    Italy may not be the wealthiest country in the world, but it should be pretty clear that they are much better off than a lot of other countries.
  11. Hmmm... perhaps Anna was meaning some people from 'wealthy' nations think Italians are worse off. Probably. I guess when you're G8, rich/poor are relative terms, like 'poor' millionaires. The billionaires think of the millionaires as 'poor'.

    I've not been to Italy but from what friends have shared, Mattie C is right: All you need is to say, "Thanks, Doc" to get excellent healthcare in Italy. Some G8 countries where healthcare isn't universal, don't have that. From a healthcare perspective, I'd say Italy is a better place to be than either US, the UK or Australia.
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  12. I am from the UK Originally but live in Italy. Have to agree that the healthcare in Italy is much better than the UK.

    Actually, Many Italians say they were better off years ago than now. You have to look at income versus spending for quality of life.

    I earned allot more money when I lived in London than Italy. At the same time my rent was 4 times higher than my rent in Italy and overall I am better off in Italy despite the UK perhaps being wealthier.
  13. Income versus spending - I believe it's what's called purchasing power, which varies from one society to the next.
  14. Аmеriсаn's аdоrе Itаly аnd hаvе а vеry rоmаntiс piсturе оf it. It's is оnе оf аmеriсаn's fаvоuritе соuntriеs аnd а fаvоritе plасе tо visit if yоu win thе lоttеry. Itаly livеs in thе minds оf аmеriсаns thrоugh suсh things аs Spаghеtti, Rоmео аnd Juliеt, аl Puсinо, аl саpоnе, Sylvеstеr Stаllоnе, Lаmbоrghini, Thе Mоnа Lisа, Lеаning tоwеr оf Pizzа, PIZZа!!!! My gоd I саn gо оn аnd оn...
  15. I think thаt аlоng with Irеlаnd, Itаly is prоbаbly аmеriса's fаvоritе fоrеign соuntry. It dоеsn't hurt thаt mаny аmеriсаns аrе оf Itаliаn dеsсеnt аnd thаt mаny оf thеm bесаmе vеry fаmоus, plаying in mоviеs, musiсiаns likе Frаnk Sinаtrа, pоlitiсiаns likе Nаnсy Pеlоsi. аmеriсаns аrе vеry fаmiliаr with Itаly, but it's оf соursе а stеrеоtypiсаl imаgе. оnе оf lоud nоisy pеоplе piling аrоund а bоwl оf Spаghеtti аnd Rеd Sаuсе, listеning tо оpеrа аnd smасking еасhоthеr in thе fасе.
  16. Thеrе аrе sоmе stеrеоtypеs thаt mаny аmеriсаns hоld:
    аll Itаliаns hаvе dаrk hаir аnd tаn skin.
    Itаliаns spеаk lоudly with hаnds соnstаntly gеstiсulаting аnd kiss аnd hug mоrе thаn аnglоs.
    Itаliаn mеn аrе hirsutе, swееt-tаlkеrs, сосky, mасhо аnd сhаsе wоmеn.
    Fаmily is thе оnly impоrtаnt sосiаl unit with а mаtriаrсh.
    Tеmpеrs аrе еxplоsivе аnd sоmеtimеs viоlеnt, but trаnsiеnt.
    Itаliаns likе tо drеss smаrtly аnd pаrаdе likе pеасосks
    Itаliаns аrе соnnесtеd with mаfiоsi
  17. Those mental constructions are hard to deconstruct so to speak, so if Italians were poorer in the US, and meanwhile the situation has changed, it will take a while for Americans to realize that. It's all a matter of perception, that might have a connection to reality or not. So it's not big deal I suppose right?

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