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Who Built The Leaning Tower Of Pisa?

Discussion in 'Pisa' started by Question, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. There are many conflicting stories on who built the famous leaning tower of pisa.

    In your eyes who was it?
  2. I read on the internet that the building of the Leaning Tower of Pisa was authorized by the City of Pisa. Construction started in 1173 AD, and it was done over a period of 344 years. But, not even the Historians are sure of whom the builders were except that it was built in stages, and it seems that each stage was done by a different builder.
  3. There are quite a few places in Italy that have buildings built this way over time and by different people but you can usually see the different parts of the history in the building. The tower of Pisa looks like it was built by one person to me, even though the facts point to many different builders.
  4. I visited the leaning tower of Pisa only once, so I haven't studied it in too much detail. But I have to admit, it looks ever more impressive in real life than on pictures. I was surprised to learn that the tower formed part of a beautiful cathedral. For some reason, I always thought it was standing all alone.
  5. I'm sure it does look more interesting when it's in front of you!
    I had no idea is was part of a cathedral, it's the first time I hear about this. Interesting fact, Angeline!

    I've never been there but maybe one day I'll visit the area. Right now I'm happy with a city break in the surrounding areas from time to time. Pisa is, well... a bit far away :D
  6. Yes, the cathedral is only a few meters away from the tower. Someone who stood close by me mentioned to another person that the leaning tower is actually the cathedral's tower. The cathedral was built on solid ground, but not the tower. The tower will eventually fall over. When I was there, people were not allowed to enter the tower anymore.
  7. I do know they used weights on the tower recently to stop it from tilting further so that was the reason why it was closed a while back. I am not sure if it has re-opened but i'm sure a read somewhere that it was open again.
  8. Aaah, ok, it makes sense. Do you think the weights will work? The tower is leaning over quite far. If the ground is not solid, the tower will eventually fall over; maybe not in the next few years, but gravity will takes its toll.

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