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Where To Buy Italian Clothes Online?

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Thalia, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. I am IN LOVE with Italian clothes and style. I believe Italians are some of the best dressed people in the world. It's such a real, authentic, and 'practical glamour.' Specifically, the cashmere and wool that I see Italians wearing is unlike anything that I can find. Even down to the various shades of brown wool (I'm guessing produced in the Piedmont region), I can't find anything like that anywhere else.

    Is there a place (besides Ebay) that one could find genuine Italian made clothes online? I'm not really talking about the high fashion designers that we all know and love because for one that's out of my budget right now, and second, I'd actually love to support traditional Italian dressmakers. I know that late last year, Amazon announced that it would start a "Made in Italy" store where Americans could buy items from Italian artisans, kind of like an Italian Etsy. But I'm specifically talking about places to shop for Italian clothes that will perhaps ship to the United States. Any information would be helpful. Thanks so much!
  2. May I know which clothing brands do you enjoy? Nowadays so many companies have the option of making an order online. The products would be delivered straight from their factories. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that all the stuff was produced in Italy. Some companies (pretty much all of them) tend to organize their production in Asia. All the facilities are official and controlled from the head office but operated by the local staff.
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  4. I do agree with what you are saying about Italian clothing and accessarry designs, they are some of the best in the world. Italians do have impeccable taste and style. it is nice to know that one can order and purchase these online. This often means that they are delivered right to your door step.
  5. It's easy to buy designer Italian clothes online, like Prada, from anywhere in the world. The hard part is finding regular affordable Italian clothes online that can be shipped outside of Italy. I believe Aldo is a shoe brand that is easily accessible.
  6. Thank you! And thank you all for your replies. I am specifically thinking about clothes and accessories made in Italy , not mass production brands produced elsewhere. Once I am able to go to Italy, my excitement is the opportunity to support things like traditional Italian tailors and dressmakers. I believe that this is a very strong cultural tradition and it shouldn't die out. I know that the world can sometimes feel that it's constantly becoming smaller and more global, but I think that some traditions should be preserved. And this is definitely one of them.
  7. These days the traditions don't pay and many things are outsourced and mass produced. The handmade items are still made in Italy, but you won't find them online because that isn't how people work.

    In Italy there are a couple of sectors; those who like brands, and those who know a local tailor or someone who makes handmade bags and belts. They don't advertise and it's word of mouth. The brands you can buy online or from outlets, but the handmade items will only be found second hand.
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  8. It's such a shame, but I understand why they wouldn't ship because of the expense. Perhaps that's what will make it more special when I get to go to Italy and buy authentic wool and cashmere. At least I'll know that I have something special that not many other people have, lol. I still think there's such value in tradition and it's important not to lose your culture completely.
  9. It sounds like your best bet is to go to Italy and buy it there. Of course you can buy Italian made brands online, and would have to read the fine print as to whether or not it was actually crafted in Italy. It may be hard to find authentic items..that are not mass produced online. Maybe a fashion wholesaler?? just a thought.
  10. I think while a lot of brands might be Italian, I'm not exactly sure how many are actually still made in Italy and the ones that are I'd imagine your going to be talking premium prices.

    A lot of the Italian brands are high quality anyway so you do expect to pay slightly more than what you would for other clothes.
  11. I would recommend you online stores for buying Italian clothes. There are many online Italian cloth stores that ship to various other countries. So, I would recommend you online Italian stores for buying Italian clothes.
  12. Many high Italian brands produce in China, Turkey, Romania, etcetera. So check the labels.
    And sometimes checking labels is not enough, because Italian law allows to put "made in Italy" label, even when products are not entirely processed in Italy...mostly the have been just assembled in Italy, a really made in Italy shirt can't cost 50$.

    Here some Entirely Made in Italy garments

    Lori Milano shirts
    Guido Maggi shoes
    Messori suits

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