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What To See In Calabria Italy

Discussion in 'Calabria' started by Regina Juno, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Calbria is the toe of the boot on the map of Italy, so it is a location of interest for tourists on the very south of Italy. Between the beautiful blue seas, I know there are beaches and national parks. What are some recommended sites or places to go for Calabria?
  2. Well, here are some pages I'd recommend. They recommend several locations, including Arco Magno, so I'd go there, if I were you. It seems more than beautiful.

    Travel via Italy -
    Sights in Calabria -
    Calabria Landmarks -

    Here's the photo of Arco Magno, just in case you feel like checking it out:



    Arco Magno would definitely be the top location of my choice! Just look at it! It's so stunning!

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