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What To Do In Umbria

Discussion in 'Umbria' started by Regina Juno, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. I feel like some of these regions are not talked about much on this forum. I thought I would start a thread about what to do in Umbria. Another major part of the famous boot of Italy, it is a place full of history and buildings brimming with culture. There are some gorgeous cathedrals and churches, like Orvieto Cathedral. What are some recommendations for things to do in Umbria?
  2. How about visiting beauties like these:



    Umbrian countryside is so stunning. It's among the most beautiful ones I'd ever seen! It just takes your breath away - the rolling hills simply seem to never end!

    And then there are these cute little towns perched on top of small hills. They look to historic. I bet you could find a number of these, perhaps without even trying...

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