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What To Do And Visit In Follonica?

Discussion in 'Grosseto' started by Rosie, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. I was browsing around, looking for a place to spend the next summer vacations and I discovered that Tuscany is so perfect! So, I started to fixate on finding things to do in Tuscany :)

    I ended up discovering Follonica. I have actually never heard of it before, it's a small town, in the province of Grosseto, and it has access to the sea as well :)
    What caught my attention was the waterpark, called Aqua Village, it seems like so much fun! The entrance is not expensive, it's €16 for the whole afternoon or €23 for the full day, during peak season! And, booking a room in advance isn't very expensive, if you're not looking for a 5 start hotel :) Got me thinking.. hmm...

    So has anyone ever been to Follonica?
    What is there to do, besides going to the water park? How are the beaches like? How's the water?
  2. Well, I've never been there, but I did find some nice pictures, so, here you go:

    This little fort seems very interesting, although it looks dilapidated. I'd still visit it:

    Apparently, it's called "Mozza Torre" (I am not sure about this, if you're planning to go there, you should check it first)

    The seaside looks inviting, doesn't it?


    A walk down here sounds like an excellent idea, even when it's coldish and not as sunny...


    I'd found the photo of these gates, but I don't know where.... maybe that's something to investigate.



    And some nature to spice it up!

    What do you think?
  3. Thank you!!! So much!! Aurelia, you are amazing :D
    What do I think? I think I'm gonna move there! Forget about Northern Italy.. ahahah!!!

    No, seriously, the pictures are amazing! And that blue water, OMG! Italy never seizes to amaze me with its beauty! :) Even the tower, it does look deserted, but looking at the picture, I can already imagine there's some mystery there... So seeing it "live" must be an even more exciting experience! I wonder if they say it's haunted... hmmm... I should look into this Mozza Tower!
  4. Oh, yes, the sea looks so clear. You can even see the rocks below the surface in this last photo. They had managed to capture my heart as well. I imagine it's warm and sunny all year long. The winter is probably cloudy, cold and wet, but it's everywhere so. It is still probably warmer than it would be in Northern Italy, no matter where you go.

    I am glad you liked the photos!! I'd liked the Mozza Tower as well, although it looks so deserted and old. It makes me wonder who had lived there and what had happened to them. Did they die a terrible death? Did some of the owners find solace in the sea?

    I am sorry I couldn't find anything on the gate. It looks interesting as well...

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