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What Do You Usually Eat When You Go Out?

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by Francesca, May 13, 2013.

  1. What's your favorite food to eat when on a night out? I see that the pizzerias are usually full and the "piadinerias" as well. Do you also eat a pizza or a focaccia or do you prefer to eat at a restaurant and have some pasta or something cooked?
  2. Has to be pizza as you can eat out without breaking the bank. Every few months I go to a local agriturismo for a grill. They have a fixed price of 15 euros a head on Friday evenings and you can eat as much meat as you want. (Drinks not included)
  3. I usually eat what the majority votes for. It's usually pizza and, always mandatory, ice-cream :)
  4. I prefer "agriturismo" with a pasta and some meat, and sometimes also a cake :p

    Usually this costs something in a range from 22 to 28€ in my area.
  5. Well, I usually go for the pizza but lately I started watching my weight so I prefer to avoid foods that are high in fat and can harm my "diet".

    When I eat pizza on a night out I always choose something with less greasy ingredients, such as the margherita or funghi. I don't eat it all so I usually split it with one of my friends. Or someone eats his/her whole pizza and then some!

    A good alternative to pizza is the piadina, Francesca mentioned it. It's pita stuffed with whatever you choose. I usually go for the rucola with cheese and some prosciutto. And salad, although I already have rucola in it.

    I also am pretty happy with eating just a focaccia, it's small, it's cheap and it's enough for me.
  6. Ouch, compare piadina with a pita :p
    Don't tell this while you visit the Romagna
  7. The food around the Lucca area is fantastic, only eclipsed by the food in Sicily.
    If we are in Lucca we'd probably start with a primo piatti of (say) frittura de pesce - small pieces of squid and octopus dusted in a very light batter and fried, served with lemon, or alternatively spaghetti vongole. Followed for secondo piatti by pizza, or rissotto or some sort. The food we've eaten is so good I usually can't get anywhere near the carne because the antipasti, pizza and pasta are so good, but my son enjoys beef in balsamico. Home made tiramisu or zabaglione to finish. A good salad to enjoy with the first two courses is always good and healthy.

    If we eat in Sicily the fish, seafood, vegetable antipasti and pizza are so good I won't see meat for the entire duration of the holiday. I can recommend the food in Siracusa, Noto, Fontana Bianche, Trapani and Marsala. As one elderly but wonderful Italian gentleman said to me when referring to food in Italy " is good, is all good"
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  8. Wow as secondo you take a pizza
    You should eat a lot in italy, I'm glad you like our food :)
  9. I forgot to mention that the pizza as a secondo is usually after a day swimming so the appetite is usually very good by then. I also take the view that you have to take your opportunities - and that includes the opportunity to enjoy good food and wine. Food in the UK is OK and improving all the time, but we make the best of it while we're in Italy.
  10. One of the great things about eating out in Italy is that if you can't eat all of what is served, simply ask them to put it in a takeaway pack to take it home with you.

    I have seen many Italians do this in both the north and south and don't feel ashamed to ask as they will be more than happy to do this for you.
  11. I prefer pasta, I love them! I can't make the sauces very good, so I really enjoy having them when I'm out. I think it's good I can't master the sauces, or else I w9uld be very overweight! Pasta is my favorite all time dish, so many delicious ones to chose from!
  12. If I'm eating Italian, I nearly always opt for pizza, or sometimes calzone - my mum cooks the most fabulous pasta (she's not Italian, just an amazing cook), so if I'm out for a meal I tend to go for something that we don't eat so often at home. Plus handmade pizza in a restaurant or pizzeria beats the supermarket pizza we sometimes eat at home any day!
  13. I most definitely go for the pasta! I try not to eat it too often, but it's my favorite. There are so many delicious pastas to enjoy its hard to choose! I could eat it everyday, but I won't allow myself. I try to stay fit and all the carbs can kill my clean eating! I crave pasta all the time though ... so yummy!
  14. We have a place near us that cooks the most amazing pizzas in a stone oven, so we usually have one between us, but my husband is mad about pasta and would have it for every meal at home if he can persuade me to cook it!
  15. My favorite thing to order at Italian restaurants is Pasta alla vodka. It's my absolute favorite sauce, especially when it's a little spicy. The combo of that with a salad is perfect and usually determines whether or not I go back to the restaurant again.
  16. Since I go out rarely, only if I have a free time. I usually spent my time when I go out to a Pizzeria. I do and really love Pizza. One thing I like on a Pizza is the overload toppings that have a lot of mozzarella cheese.
  17. I love to eat the pasta in Italy, regional pasta dishes from wherever I'm staying. Some favourites are Pappardelle al Cinghiale in Tuscany, Spaghetti alle Vongole in Veneto, Tajarin with porcini in Piemonte.
    The meat is usually good quality, so a good steak of beef or pork is always great.
    Pizza is essential to eat at least once every holiday in Italy, it is better than anywhere else, and a full pizza is a meal in itself, and certainly the best value for money option, so reasonably priced in even the best pizzerie.
  18. I like to have a homemade pasta whether it is a tortellini or al forno dish. Usually I try to have one with porcini in it as it is one of my favorite ingredients or truffles. Otherwise I like the pasta with a nice arrabiata sauce followed by a chocolate dessert and plenty of wine.
  19. I like cheese or cold cut platters at enotecas, with wine and a lot of bread.
  20. For a night out, a pizza is definitely one of my hot favorites. Just not with toppings made from seafood or red meat. I love pineapple, chicken, cheese, tomatoe, ect toppings.

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