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What Are Your Plans For Today's Ferragosto?

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Rosie, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Big day today! For Italians, of course :) In my home country we just celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary, but it's not such a big deal as they make it here in Italy! I even find it odd that they wish each other a "buon Ferragosto", it's like wishing each other a merry Christmas!

    I saw a small piece of news yesterday in TV, saying that the majority of people will simply go to the beach and spend a day in the sun. Yesterday it rained a lot (at least in the North, where I am), but today is a sunny, sunny day outside :)

    So, what are your plans for today? Or tonight?
  2. Well, I was woke up this morning at 7am to the sound of an organ from a church nearby. Not sure why, but at least it does not happen everyday!

    I'll be enjoying the weather at the Lake Garda as it's an easy drive and do not have to use the motorways which are going to be very busy.

    Naturally, I will be eating lots too but nothing big or special this Ferragosto. Still I know that it will be a nice relaxing day with beautiful scenery.
  3. This sounds awful, but I'd never actually heard of Ferragosto until today, when one of my friends posted "Buen Ferragosto" as her Facebook status! What does it actually commemorate? Is it the Virgin Mary's birth or something?
  4. Buon Ferragosto = Happy Ferragosto

    I think the link above that @Vicino posted explains it very well. I actually had never heard of Ferragosto before moving to Italy many moons ago so there is nothing to feel awful about.

    I had lots of people on my facebook page put up a "Buon Ferragosto" message too, so it seems the normal thing to do here in Italy.
  5. Thanks for the link Vicino!
    I actually never bothered to read about the Ferragosto, even if I know about it since 2008 :D

    On Thursday morning, right after I created the thread, a crowd of Spanish people, from the Spanish community, were walking on the streets f the city, holding a big statue of Virgin Mary and singing something about "ave Maria" in Spanish, that's all I understood :D They were singing very loud, I remember seeing them last year too. So, I naturally thought it was a religious holiday.

    Then, at the news, they showed how the beaches were packed with people, playing beach games, relaxing and complaining that after Ferragosto, everyone will just go back to work.
  6. Buon Ferragosto a tutti!

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