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What Are Some Nature Parks Worth Visiting In Abruzzo?

Discussion in 'Abruzzo' started by Rosie, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Has anyone ever been to the Abruzzo region? I heard there are quite a number or nature parks there and I was just wondering if anyone went, how was it? How big are these parks? What are the costs of entering one? What's there to be seen?

    I guess the information is valid for other parks in other regions as well :) So, any thoughts?
  2. We live in the Maiella national park in the Chieti province of Abruzzo. It is a BIG area, with mountains, beautiful gorges with hermits caves and panoramic views and lovely walks through the mountains. Try Pennapiedemonte, or Fara San Martino. There are sometimes Golden Eaagles at the former, famous for its views; in Fara you can walk the narrow canyon in which there is the ruins of a truly ancient church, and many hermits caves. Palombaro has a breeding park for fallow deer. Fascinating flora, with juniper, tamarisk, hypericum and a host of others.give it a go!

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