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What About Penneta?

Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by sunflogun, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. I am a huge tennis fan so it's impossible not to open a discussion here about the last US Open. If Roberta Vinci stunned the world after beating Serena Williams in the semi-final, in the final it was Flavia Penneta who took the trophy, in the the first-ever all-Italian Grand Slam final. In the end, she announced the end of her career?!

    Italy was definitely in the center of the tennis world or is it still?
  2. I was actually very surprised by the result of the US Open. I follow tennis reasonably closely (watching all the major grand slams - US Open, Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon) and to have Vinci and Pennetta in the final was a pretty big upset! I guess I just wasn't expecting Vinci to beat Serena Williams - even after all these years Serena still always looks so strong. I thought it was so unusual though for Pennetta to retire right after winning the tournament, but I guess there's no better way to go out on a high than that, right?!
  3. Yep, that was a total surprise for everyone that follows tennis. It's not new though, usually Italian women do well in Slams even if they don't have the best ratings. In this case it was stunning the way Vinci beat Serena, but sadly she was beaten in the final. I agree that retiring was (will it?) be something strange, either case I imagine she just wants to enjoy life.
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  4. Yes, I agree! And also considering a lot of the tennis stars these days are a lot younger she may have felt like it was time to come to an end anyway. I imagine it was something she had already been thinking about.

    I think with the prize earnings from winning the US Open then she will have a nice amount of money to enjoy life with, too!
  5. I'd also think that she's made enough money to be able to retire and live whatever kind of lifestyle she wants. In a way retiring from a sport is entirely different from retiring from a normal job, as at that age they're still young enough to enjoy life.
  6. True indeed - she would have won more money winning the US open than I'm probably likely to see in 30 years of work! :p

    Out of curiosity I just looked it up and the prize money for winning was $3,300,000 US dollars. Not a bad return!!
  7. Not a bad return at all, just a quick calculation and on my wage I'm on now, I'd be able to match that figure as I approach about 134 years old, so I've got a bit of time to catch up yet! And that's if I don't pay any bills and sacrifice my luxuries...such as food, for example!
  8. I used to like tennis when Agassi and Sampras played. As well as that period with Martina Hingis, Justine Henin and Jennifer Capriatti. Now days it has become boring, Federer is retiring and Nadal with his injuries they are just no threat to Novak. The competition is not as it used to be. The big four started when Djokovic became number 4 i think. No real players to confront him or Roger who is 25 soon and still dominates the scene. Penneta was a great player, i believe she retired, and i am so happy she won the US Open this year. Unbelievable achievement given the fact that again few players dominate the female part of the tour as well. And she is very beautiful also.

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