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Welsh Italians

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by worldmachine, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. I live in South Wales where we have quite a large Italian population, Italian immigration began here in the 1890's and many Italians opened cafes, ice cream parlours and fish and chip shops here. There is an ice cream parlour near me owned by the Ricci brothers who still manufacture their own ice cream. We are fortunate to have many authentic Italian Cafes in this area.

    There was further immigration after the second world war when many Italians came here to work in the mines as there was no employment for them back home. The national lottery has given a grant of £50,000 for an Italian migrant study focusing on those who came here after the war, the scheme will record the life stories and the memories of the immigrants and there will be a photo exhibition touring the country.
  2. Wow, you are really lucky, I would be so very overweight if I had a proper Italian ice cream parlour near me! It is interesting that they wound up in Wales. I would love to see the photo exhibition if it ever comes near me!
  3. Oh, thanks for sharing this information! I look forward to the results and forthcoming pictures of this Italian migrant study in the UK. I just think it so important and worthwhile to preserve the history of all the cultures that make up a country. Do you know when the study will be completed and the photo exhibition will tour. Of course, living in the US, I will not be able to see it in person; nevertheless, I am sure there will be images and data released over the internet, as well! I hope you get a chance to see it!

    I had never heard of the Ricci Brothers, so looked them up. I bet you have had one of these from the Square Cafe ...
    a raspberry ice-cream float. Yummy!

  4. I live in the midlands and we have a pretty large community here also. A few cafes, Italian food shops and restaurants. My Nonna also came here just after the war!
  5. I don't have any dates yet for the photo exhibition yet but i know it has been extended to England as well so they will all have the chance to see it, i have actually had one of those raspberry ice cream floats from the Square cafe as it is only 10 minutes drive away from me. In fact the day i had that the owners were in the middle of being filmed for a documentary programme shown on the BBC. I did try and get in front of the camera but the cameraman wouldn't let me!

    There is another BBC series showing currently all about the Welsh valleys and one of the episodes is focusing on the Welsh Italians, you may be able to watch it online in the US. The show is called ''Real valleys.'' Strangely, nearly all of the original influx of migrants came from the town of Bardi in Northern Italy.
  6. @ worldmachine

    Oh, thanks for the heads up on the Real Valleys featuring the Welsh Italians, just took a quick look at a clip on BBC. Love it, already (have to admit always love BBC, Downtown Abbey was my favorite the last few months).

    That is so funny, you were trying to get in the clip. Well, I would love those ice cream floats from the Square cafe. I would stop in all the time, too.

    Not familiar with Bardi in Northern Italy, sure my brother and family are since they lived in Northern Italy, I will have to ask.
  7. I have never seen one of these before. Wouldn't I like to be in South Wales right now to try one of these. It is utterly pretty and looks like it belongs at a little girl's birthday party! I wonder how it's made, besides the obvious, which I'm assuming is raspberry ice cream. I've never tried that either. It looks very Italian actually. something right out of an Italian ice cream parlor or soda shop.
  8. Oh, worldmachine, will simply have to fill us in on more details about this raspberry ice-cream float! I must admit, I have seen and enjoyed my share of floats, but this one must have an Italian twist on it, that sets it apart. The way it puffs out, for lack of a better description! It kind of looks like a melted cloud of whipped cream instead of ice cream? I think it would be perfectly refreshing on a sunny, hot day! They must have to go cups, right?

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