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Wedding Traditions In Italy?

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Rosie, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. I am very curious about wedding traditions in Italy.
    Some acquaintances of mine are getting married and, even if I wasn't invited (I'm actually glad they left me out, I'm not big on fancy dresses and uncomfortable shoes but I'm very curious about traditions regarding Italian weddings.

    So, I know that, as a guest, you have to buy elegant clothes and shoes and look sharp.
    What else is there to know about Italian weddings?
  2. I did a little research on Italian weddings and they don't seem to be a whole lot different from what I am used to seeing in the U.S. They certainly sound more festive and lavish, though.
  3. Hmm.. looks like it.
    As a strange thing, I see that they too have the bachelor's party which they consider important.
    What is even more strange is that I have found out about it on Facebook!

    So, my acquaintances future husband (she works with me, but we're not that close) has had his bachelor party sometime last week. I wonder why would you post that on Facebook... there were pictures and short videos and they kind of showed what the party was all about.

    Well, I have found this out at least :p I only hope the future wife won't kick his butt because of those pictures on the net! :p
  4. I have been to 4 weddings in Italy but all of them in the south. (Puglia) I agree with others that it's pretty much the same as many other parts of the world. However, the part that caught my eye is party / food. They are big and last until the early hours.

    Normally people rent out a villa kind of restaurant for the whole evening and the whole place is dedicated to the happy couple and their guests.

    You get to eat lots of food and food and more food. Did I forget, FOOD? :)

    In fact, it is the only event in Italy that I have eaten a fresh Mozzarella made in front of me.

    Regarding the clothes, I was dressed in a suit but that is because I'm English and used too dressing like that at a wedding. Many male friends dressed smart but casual. It's not something that I'm used to seeing at a wedding but there were males dressed in jeans, shirt and smart shoes.
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  5. I think it depends on the wedding you are going to. Some are extremely lavish and others are very casual. Similar to different types of weddings in the US. I am curious though if most ceremonies are in churches. I know that in the US people hold their ceremonies pretty much anywhere. However since Italy is majority Christian I wonder if it is different over there.
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