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Watch The Solar Eclipse Live From Rome

Discussion in 'Rome' started by Rosie, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. So, this is interesting. The solar eclipse in 2015 is happening right now! :)

    This is a live feed from Rome, the website is English so everyone will understand :p
    Problem is, Italy will only see a partial covering of the sun, where I am now (Milan area), I have seen nothing.. I mean, they said it will feel like evening, but.. oh well.. nothing happened. Sun is up and shining :)

    So, if anyone is interested (and online now), you could take a peak at what the solar eclipse looks like from Rome. It's almost done though :p

    How is it (or how was it) from where you are? Did you get too see something interesting?
  2. Well here in England we got quite a decent view of this and it was pretty spectacular to be honest.
    It didnt last as long as I thought it would i'f i'm homest but im not too disapointed.
    Think theres another one in about 40 years time so look out for that one...maybe, lol
  3. I'm so disappointed I didn't catch this before it happened. I swear, yesterday it was business as usual, and today I get onto tumblr and pinterest and the likes and all I see are cool pictures of the solar eclipse :(

    Anyway, where do you live in the UK @pwarbi? I saw that a lot of people couldn't see it because it was too cloudy
  4. Me? The cloudiest, most rainy city in the world...Manchester! It's true it was cloudy but the clouds disappeared for a few hours and we had a decent view of it...
  5. I was down in Surrey and couldn't see anything! So disappointing, I made a little pinhole camera and everything.

    Does anybody have photos from the eclipse in Rome?
  6. Well, this is old news, already, but how did it go? Were you able to see anything spectacular? We had only partial eclipse, I am assuming it's similar in Italy. We didn't get anything spectacular. I know because I was watching the sky like a hawk for almost half an hour! Such a disappointment!

    I'd heard it was amazing to watch in Norway, though, and ... some islands, can't remember the name. :/
  7. I wouldnt say that it was spectacular but it was definatly worth watching.
    I guess it depended on where you were in the world and of course what the weather was like at the time of course.

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