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Discussion in 'Sicily' started by Warrior, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. I often hear that Sicily is a great area to visit if you appreciate natural beauty and the outdoors. I have always had a fascination with volcanoes, and would like to visit and check some out. I should probably check to see if any are still live though!
  2. I think you should definitely see Etna, and of course Stromboli, which lies just off the Sicilian coast. I think there are only a few active volcanoes in Italy, which is probably a good thing really.
  3. It would be interesting to visit active volcanoes in Italy. I've heard of Mount Etna and Stromboli but what about Mount Vesuvius? Is it still an active volcano? There is something very majestic and powerful about volcanoes.
  4. I have actually spent the night on Stromboli by accident. I went up and got stuck as the weather turned, so I slept in a crater watching the lava spill out, I wasn't alone I had a fellow climber from the hostel and we both spent the night there. Amazingly there is cell phone reception, I was going to call for help, but didn't actually know who to call!

    They do guided tours, but not all the time when the weather is a bad or if it is considered dangerous as there are a couple of routes, you don't come down the way you go up usually.
  5. You actually slept in a crater? God. Scary. How very scary.
    I'd never dare.

    I mean, the chances of it erupting just then are small, but I'd never be able to fall asleep knowing that it still might happen. I don't believe this. It's so...
    I would visit the volcanoes, though, but maybe from air... I don't want to touch the ground of the crater. It feels too scary to even consider it...

    P.S. There must be emergency numbers given to tourists upon entering country, correct? Just in case something happens...
  6. I am recommending you do go with a guide or experienced climber, because it is an active volcano and I had no choice as it got too dark and very fast. My friend couldn't move so I stayed with her as she ended up breaking her ankle!

    Yes, there are emergency numbers, but as I went against the advice of the guides (I was young and with a big group) there wasn't much they could do. It is a strange feeling walking on ash, but with a guide it should be fine and during the daytime and when it's not raining or windy. I was fine, but one should never take these things for granted and never go alone.
  7. Sicily seems to be a lot of fun from what I've seen on tv. I didn't know that there was an active volcano there either. That just makes it more exciting to me. Also, Sicily looks like something off a postcard, with it's natural beauty. Not too worried about an erupting volcano, what are the odds?
  8. Sicily is where good foods come from. The Wiki has a section solely devoted to Sicilian cuisine. The food is said to have gained a fair amount of influences from other places, including French and Arab. I think that is an interesting part of world cuisines, where it gets its influences from other cultures and the fusion just guides itself onto the dining table. The talked about Cannoli apparently originated from Sicily.

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