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Visit Cosenza Website

Discussion in 'Cosenza' started by Rosie, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Have you seen what a great website they have for tourists? :)

    It's this one :)
    It's in Italian though, but the point is that not many cities have such a 'complete' touristic website, or how to call it...

    Anyway, if someone ever wants to visit Cosenza, I thought I'd share this website :)
  2. It's a wonderful website. Images are pretty, information is easily found. I like the colors.
  3. This is quite a comprehensive website. It took a while to load to my browser and I think that is because of the great full sized pictures. The slider on the main page with all the great sights in Cosenza is really spectacular to see. I love the shot of Parco Nazionale della Sila. Very pretty glassy water!
  4. One of the first things I do when I'm researching travel destinations - whether that be in Italy or in other countries - is to check and see if they have a local tourism website. I've found that in the past when I've been looking for things to do and see, or or accommodation options, that these local websites are very comprehensive and informative.

    My Italian is not that good so I can only really understand what's happening on the site from the pictures and making inferences from those -- I think a great way they could get more tourism is if they had a way of converting the site into multiple languages. However, it does look just beautiful there from the pictures they have displayed, and based on those alone it has increased my interest in visiting this particular area of Italy.

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