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Venice With A Fear Of Water?

Discussion in 'Venice' started by Jane Carey, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. I really would love to visit Venice, but I'm concerned that my fear of water will make the trip difficult. I don't want to miss out on a Gondala ride, so I am trying to overcome this worry. How safe did other people feel on the Venetian waterways?
  2. I believe that it isn't compulsory to travel everywhere by water in Venice, although if your fear is overwhelming then you may well feel uncomfortable. Are you able to walk along a wide path next to water, or is that too scary?
  3. I would say that if you want to face your fears try the gondola ride. If you are really terrified of water, then you need to know that the gondola is a narrow boat and this might make you feel very uncomfortable.
  4. Warrior, I can walk near water but I dislike being too close to the edge of a path, especially if there is no railing. I will do some research to see if it's worth going to Venice. The gondola tip is helpful Allegra. I know I would be too scared to enjoy a ride on a really small and narrow boat.
  5. I think the Venice experience can be beautiful even without the gondola ride :)
    The city itself is very beautiful, and it's just like a regular city so you can walk everywhere to visit it. If you're OK with being near water, you can simply take a walk along the gondolas and just admire them from the outside :)

    If this makes you feel better, I hear that gondola rides are way to expensive anyway :D
  6. I think that you'll be alright in Venice even if you have a fear of Water. I found that during my two visits, you could walk just about everywhere. I did choose to take a gondola ride, and at one point we took a water taxi, but both of these were definitely optional. I felt very safe the whole time I was in Venice!
  7. I'm back to tell you guys about Venice :)

    This year, my boyfriend and I decided we should visit it, even of for just one day. We went on a Saturday, because we took the train there and on Saturdays, some particular trains have this offer, you pay for 1 ticket but you travel with someone (2 for the price of 1, good deal!).

    Ok, so the train ride was boring.... not gonna lie about it :p But, once you get close to the city and start going over the Grand Canal, your jaw will drop :p It's so beautiful, totally worth the 3 hours on the train :D

    Since we only had a few hours to kill in Venice, we walked to the Piazza San Marco. Decided to walk, rather than take the gondola or the bus-boat (or whatever it's called... bus on the water :) ) and, trust me, walking around on the streets of Venice is so amazing, I don't even have the words to describe it.

    There are indicators, taking everyone to Piazza San Marco, but we got lost like 3 or 4 times, because we were stunned by how amazing the narrow streets are, how nice the people are, it's overall a wonderful experience!

    Then, we arrived in the main square and were a bit disappointed because there's not much to see... it's just a bunch of buildings we didn't have time to visit... but we did stay in line to get up in the tower, to see Venice from "upstairs". Paid 8€ /person (I think) and.. well.... seeing Venice from up high is so beautiful I almost cried :D

    We then took a walk along the Grand Canal, which is safe because the streets are pretty wide in that particular area, you won't have to go near the water if you're afraid :)
  8. I'm visiting Venice tomorrow! I'm actually excited to see the canals and possibly ride on the Gonzales even though it may rain. I'll be sure to take pictures and share them here.

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