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Venice Carnival 2015

Discussion in 'Venice' started by Rosie, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. The Venice Carnival has started :)
    This year, it started on the 31st of January and will last until February the 17th (on Pancake Day, or "martedi grasso", how Italians call it).

    Will anyone go? :)
    I always thought it's kinda odd to hold an entire festival during winter time! I mean, it's so cold outside!
    On the other hand, Valentine's Day falls right in the middle of the carnival! They even organized a Saint Valentine's Masquerade Ball, you can read details about this very event here. Oh, and if you plan on visiting Venice for the carnival, make sure you check out the website, Venice Carnival Italy, to see when and where are the interesting events held :)
  2. Well, I guess it's traditional. Also, definitely not uncommon in Europe, seeing as in Germany, it's Fasching time (and Kinderfasching might be on the 17th exactly), and when we visited Prague in this time of the year, they also had the carnival coming.

    I always wished I could go to a masquerade ball! Ohmigod. Ohmigod! I so love those Venetian masks, too. It's probably killer expensive to get accommodations in Venice in that time of the year, though? I mean, in Munich, Oktoberfest time is the one time where you're pretty lucky to be able to get a room, and getting a cheap one is out of the question! Other than that, I'd love to go. I'll check out how much it could cost.
  3. It is one of my dreams to attend a Venice Carnival and a masquerade balls. I love the Venetian masks as well. I think winter has it's own ambience and brings special elements to anything. I'm sure food and decorations are more winter related than what you would see in the summer. I also think summers are bit hot in Italy and not as easy to enjoy outdoor activities. Beside, there are plenty of events in the summer, so we need a few nice things to do in the winter as well.
  4. My, I checked the price to go to Venice from Munich, and for two people just the one way would be 100 euros. Okay, that's fine.
    Then I checked the price of the masquerade and 660 euros for a normal ticket is just so ridiculously expensive that I don't know if I would ever have enough money to throw away on this. Argh. But it does look like something out of a movie so maybe at some point in my life I'll put all of my money and go to one of the editions...
  5. You bet!
    I think even if you try booking ahead of time, it's still more expensive than usual. (and by usual, I exclude summertime as well, Venice is packed during the summer months).

    Uhm... well... there are other cities that organize some similar events, at the same time. They're not carnivals per se, just events.
    For instance, there's an event called "Festa di Carnevale navigando sul Po", which is basically a trip on a boat, dining with a mask, dancing, ecc., all night long :)
    So, if someone can't afford to actually go to Venice, there are some alternatives available :p
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  7. Thank you, Aurelia, for the lovely photos!
    It's true, all talk and no pics! :D hahah!

    I have to admit, at first, when I first saw Venice masks, I thought they were a bit freaky. Then I saw then in real life, when I was literally there... and I still found them freaky! But, there is something about them that makes them special!
    I don't know which one to choose as my favorite either..... I like the picture with the dog, but only because of the dog :p I think I'll have to go with picture number 2, those masks look a tad more elegant that the rest, although all of them are simply amazing!
  8. They do look a little freaky, I didn't even notice what was "odd" about them! Haha. I'd first seen the masks in a video, I think it was Vivaldi's Winter. They gave me chills...

    You'd actually seen them... that's amazing. I want to go, but somehow I always have some paperwork to take care of at the university around that time, so I have to be there almost every day... It's almost impossible for me to go anywhere during the winter break which isn't a break at all as you still have to do the administration... but oh well.

    I liked picture number two as well. Perhaps it's more likable because of the cream colours? They're so soft and elegant.
  9. I would love to go to the Venice film festival and the carnival as they masks that I have seen are out of this world. What a fiesta and the atmosphere is apparently incredible. I have never been there and would love to be able to do that one day!!
  10. One of my lifelong dreams since childhood has always been to be able to one day see the Venice carnival in person! My parents used to live in Italy and I've always heard so many stories about the carnival (they used to go every year, how lucky!) and it has always fueled my longing to visit. Everything about it looks so surreal to me, the atmosphere looks so authentic like it's part of another world. It just looks like the pictures are taken from an alternate universe, if that even makes any sense.

    But oh well, one day!
  11. I love the Venice carnival and that is the one thing that I would love to have done. Well I will go one of these days and will definitely buy my mask there after my husband takes me for a ride on the Gindola and escorts me to the best ball there is
  12. Actually, it does. I get the same feeling. I have always admired the carnivals, though I haven't actually been on one yet. We had a few "masquerades" in school, but that was when we were children. I'd never actually witnessed a real event and that's something I regret. Venice Carnival is iconic. It's not only a symbol of Italy and its beauty and originality, but also its history, not to mention that it's one of the greatest carnival events in the world. When you think of carnival, you usually think of Venice and Venetian masks (at least I do).

    I'd also seen one video a few years back. The music played was Vivaldi's Winter, but it was accompanied with scenes from Venetian Carnival and it was stunning! That's when I first saw the masks and... it was a moment of... something special.
  13. This has to be a unique event, everyone looks so... mysterious! At the same time I imagine it's pricey too as the costumes seem very complete. I don't even imagine the prices for the hotels at that time.

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  14. Wouldn't that be fantastic!! I would love to go and wear the mask, be in the atmosphere while the entire festival is going on what an amazing feeling that would be and also to get into one of the balls where all the celebrities go as the carnival is almost the same time as the film festival
  15. Yes, it's one of the things I want to try because it has to be a fantastic atmosphere. My parents have already been in Venice and they loved it, but being there in the Carnival has to be something even more special.
  16. I, too, enjoyed this thread with all the pictures! Since, I have never been to Italy, alas never been to the Venice Carnival. But, my brother and family were there last year! They had so much fun looking at all of the masks! They even went into a little shop with masks and puppets where the gentlemen took them into the backroom for a personal tour of his work space! Living the dream that week-end, they were! She came back with a beautiful ivory cape! I can't wait to see it and touch it! To just think of the cape coming out of that little shop in Venice during Carnival Days. will be magical enough for me! lol At least, for now.
  17. I never knew that Venice had a carnival. Guess I've been living under a rock for the past 30 years. From the pictures, it looks very exciting and fresh. Are there any other cities in Italy that host carnivals?
  18. I think most towns and villages throughout the world will hold some sort of carnival or celebration of that particular place.

    The Venice carnival certainly does look like a fantastic experience though, and while a lot of these can be pretty similar, it looks like Venice as definitely given the term carnival a new meaning!
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