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Venetian Carnevale

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Kitty Reeves, Feb 21, 2015.

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    What do you all think of Carnevale? I think it looks so fun and mysterious!
  2. I think the Venetian Carnevale is fabulous. It is the most anticipated and exciting part of visiting Venice if visited at the right time. The costume and masks take you back to an old world Italy. I love the Venetian masks. It is my understanding that some of them can be quite expensive. The closest thing we have to a Carnevale in the US is Mardi Gras in New Orleans and it actually stems from French Customs. I wish we had something as classic and elegant as the Venetian Carnevale.
  3. I've never gone to this. I actually visited Venice a week after Carnelvale many years ago. Everyone I talked to that went said you have to go at least once to experience it.
    Venice is one of my favorite cities in the Mid-Northern part of the country. I think the city is so unique and filled with so much rich history. The costumes are so beautiful as well. Hopefully one day I can go,
  4. Wow! I must say this does look so interesting and mysterious. I think I would love to be a part of this carnival, much more than any other I have heard of.
    Venice is well known for romance and this just adds to it's reputation. I am sure you could make similar masks if you were creative and the costumes are splendid! I can just imagine the wonderland that the city changes into when this celebration takes place. I would love to be there and experience it.
  5. The Venetian Carnevale is the most famous Carnevale in Italy, it isn't simply a celebration but it is part of the culture and the history of Venice. The Venetian Carnevale is a very ancient tradition born to grant to the population (especially the humble social classes) a period totally dedicated to the fun and the the festivities. Thanks to the anonymity allowed by masks and costumes all kind of social division was leveled and it was possible to indulge in the public mockery of the aristocracy and the authority. During the centuries the Venetian Carnevale has changed but it still remains a beautiful celebration, famous for its fantastic and traditional masks, its breathtaking parades and all the masked parties held in almost every place.

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