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Vegetarian Lasagna

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by Allegra, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. I had lasagna with vegetables for the first time last week and I have to say it was delicious. It had broccoli, leeks, spinach, zucchini, ricotta, mozzarella and the sauce was Béchamel instead of tomato.
  2. That sounds really delicious. I like meals where the vegetables are an integral part of the dish rather than added extras. I know someone who adds silken tofu to her veg lasagne.
  3. Vegetable lasagne is good if they are all lightly cooked. I am curious about the tofu addition. Is that a substitution for the meat? I need some convincing on the benefits of that.
  4. I think the tofu is the protein substitute for meat. As a vegetarian you need to add some protein to your weekly meals and tofu is great source of protein. I just can't get my family to eat tofu, I think it's more texture than taste that they dislike.
  5. I only tried tofu cheese, I don't even know how else you can add it to your meals (used to be a vegetarian, but didn't like it so I gave up on it after 3 years).

    Anyway, vegetable lasagna sounds delicious!
    I've only tried out lasagna from the supermarket - which was good, not great, but good, and lasagna my sister prepared, now that one was delicious! Although, she didn't use as many veggies as you.. must be an interesting combination!

    My only concern is... I wonder how many calories lasagna has.... :D heheh
  6. I have lasagna at least once a week, sometimes twice if it's on my work place canteen menu. The great thing about lasagna is that you can add whatever you want to it. The original dish may be with meat, but you can make other alternatives.

    BTW, lasagna tastes so much better the day after you make it as it has more time to absorb all the flavours.

    @Rosie, best not to think about the calories!
  7. I absolutely love lasagna. I really love vegetable lasagna. It sometimes is hard to really enjoy food without meat. I so love my protein. This dish is great and the vegetables are enhanced and appreciated in this dish.
  8. In all my time in Italy I only ever had pesto lasagna, which was very good as it was in Genoa. I do prefer to make my own vegetarian lasagna though as many places like to put zucchini in it and it's one of the vegetables I dislike. I tend to use more soya mince and mushrooms or eggplant and some sliced onions that really flavor the lasagna.
  9. I am not a huge fan of vegetarian dishes, but the fact is when they are well made they are delicious. I only notice the difference a couple of hours later when I am hungry again lol, it simply doesn't has the same substance as a dish with meat or even fish. Pesto lasagna is great Gabe!
  10. Is it more complicated to cook a vegetarian lasagna than a regular lasagna, do you think? The lasagna that I often have usually include meat. To substitute meat I would need other protein sources like tofu and grains, nuts and perhaps sea food and eggs.
  11. Actually I think that the level of difficulty is quite similar, I mean, we just replace the meat with soy for example, we cook it the same way and the flavor will end up to be rather similar. I've done it with chili for example and it's as delicious as the meat version. :)
  12. It does sound delicious and I probably won't be able to taste the difference. It's a healthier alternative as well. I don't have many vegetarian friends, so I don't know when I'll use this recipe. But, I'll keep this in mind if there are any potlucks that require me to bring something vegetarian. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Maybe if they have similar level of difficulty, I would eat the Vegetarian Lasagna as an independent dish, not an alternative to the regular Lasagna. But, I don't think I need to be a vegetarian to be eating Vegetarian Lasagna. I take seasonal diets to cope with the weather, the economy and the trends. :)

    Eating a lot of vegetables do increase my level of happiness a tiny bit. It makes my voice more clear and my skin more clear.
  14. I would say it's easier to cook as the vegetables cook themselves in the lasagna slowly. If you do use soya mince then you can cook it before hand or use tofu as a ricotta cheese base. I would say it's quicker too as you can use layers of whatever you have and pesto lasagna is really easy, pesto and some cheese sauce if you want it. Some people add spinach and peas as well, but is so quick to make.
  15. I love béchamel sauce and it does make a good white lasagna. I think it works well for vegetarian lasagna particularly. I also love pesto with cheese in my lasagna. It think there are tons of variations with lasagna just like pizza, but I'm not sure which ones are truly Italian and which are just creations from the original Italian recipe.
  16. Generally, vegetarian dishes do not really appeal to me as they seem like lesser substitutes for the meat original. However,vegetarian Italian cuisine is very delicious. I do like vegetables, and having these mixed in with different versions of Italian dishes make for an interesting substitute. I think the presence of cheese is why I don't feel like I am missing out when eating vegetarian Italian dishes, such as that lasagna you described. Also, the tomato sauce is very delicious by itself and really adds all the flavor you need along with cheeses in pasta, lasagna and pizza.
  17. I think that vegetarian dishes can be as tasty as the so called regular ones, the main issue is that they don't fill my stomach for so long, after a little time I am starving again. Tomato sauce is simply my favorite. Bechamel? Not really.
  18. I know vegetarians who add lentils to their bolognese sauce, and non vegetarians who have half meat, half lentils in their sauce. So I imagine that would be an option too in lasagna! Were the veggies puréed?
  19. After having a talk with my Italian friend, who cooked lasagna one day and made it so delicious I asked for more :p, I found out that the Italian lasagna is actually.. not a vegetarian dish.

    The original recipe for lasagna is made with ragu, which is a special Italian sauce that contains meat.
    I've asked for the recipe (which I am still waiting for!) and she explained that the secret was to boil the ragu for at least 4-5 hours, and to always watch the meat. There's something about the ragu, after it boils for about 2 hours, the meat starts to change color, or something like that. In any case, the meat is a fundamental ingredient for the sauce.

    I'd also like to mention I have never in my life met a vegetarian Italian :D They are all very proud of their ragu, of their salami and prosciutto, there isn't a meal they serve without them, they're also proud of their Italian sausages, especially the "salamella", a type of smoked sausage with a lot of spices, aromas from different ingredients and so on. So, nope, no vegetarians among Italians :D haha
  20. I usually prefer vegetarian lasagna, because it's easier on my stomach. I think eggplant is the very best, though veggie medley ones are also very good. Also, the vegetarian variations are far easier to make then the standard versions. ;)

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