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Vacation In Reggio Calabria

Discussion in 'Reggio di Calabria' started by Rosie, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. I keep hearing how everyone loooves Reggion Calabria, I've never been there though but lord is it beautiful! Did you see how beautiful it is?
    And it's cheap to get there too, a flight costs about 30 euros, and accommodation is not pricey at all. And did I mention how beautiful it is? :D
  2. I can imagine. For one, it has cliffs. They manage to make the landscape look breathtaking and special. The, the beaches are amazing and numerous. And on top of it all, it looks towards Sicily. I bet the view is spectacular. I've always been fond of places like these. When you look at it on the map, it seems ''tucked in'' and safe and cosy. Perfect for dreaming and getting away for a few days.
  3. It stands on the eastern coast of the Straits of Messina, where the straits open into the Ionian Sea. So, it is gorgeous. The exceptionally mild climate all year round makes it a popular climatic and seaside resort area.
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  4. Do you mean that the climate is mild even during the summer? I really hate hot summers. The heat is unbearable, worse than the cold, really. If it were mild, they I too would say it's a perfect place for holidays :D
  5. I personally haven't been to Reggio Calabria - but I do know many people that say it's such a lovely area of Italy.


    How lovely does this promenade area look? I always love walkways by the coast, so that you can just take a stroll, relax and enjoy the sights.


    Love the style of the buildings in Italy - amazing how there are things perched upon the clifftops!

    I'm going to add it to the places in Italy I want to head to (that list is getting exceptionally long....)
  6. That second photo is stunning. I do have a feeling that it's very warm there. I don't know, the colours are bright and intense and the buildings look sunlit. It is relaxing, though, when you can walk down the coast, however, sometimes, if it's too warm, you might get a headache instead.

    What is that big building by the hill top? It looks like a temple or something... The ruin on the hill looks like a castle or fortification, but I am curious about that newer looking one in the very centre of the photo. It is very interesting.
  7. I wondered that too, about the building - it does look much newer than the others, perhaps it's a church?

    Hopefully someone that has been to the area might be able to let us know!
  8. This place is absolutely breathtaking. I've never been to this part however I've heard quite about it and I just cannot wait to visit. The photos are just really beautiful.
  9. I've also never been here but just from the picture on this thread alone I think it's easy to see how beautiful the place is.

    Forums like this help to show people parts of countries they may be missing out on and even if a person doesn't manage to get there, it's always nice to explore different regions from the comfort of your laptop also!

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