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Tripadvisor Gets Italian Lawsuit Overturned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs In Italy' started by notyourcommodity, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Back in December, TripAdvisor were find 500,000 Euros by Italian regulators because some people were posting fake reviews on the site.

    An Italian court has since overturned this, and TripAdvisor stated the following:

    “TripAdvisor never asserted that all its reviews were true, pointing out instead that it is impossible to exercise a blanket control and inviting users to consider ‘trends’ in the reviews rather than single contributions,” the court said. “We do not understand the harm to the consumer identified by the Authority in its concluding arguments.”

    Do you use TripAdvisor when it comes to travel bookings?
  2. I usually find it wise to combine different sources in order to make an overall opinion of a property. I check different online travel agencies (, Expedia etc.) and compare the different reviews and information provided. I rarely read the actual reviews on Tripadvisor, but check more the photos submitted by the previous travellers as it provides a more complete picture of the property.
  3. I think you have to be careful with any reviews these days as you never know if someone was paid or given a discount if they left a positive review. On the whole though, these are minorities and a listing with many review will give you a rough idea as to the reality.

    Always best to read a variety of review on different sites such as Trip Advisor or
  4. Yes - I'm all about thoroughly checking the pictures too. Reminds me of the old saying "a picture tells a thousand words" - it really does often give you a better, more complete idea of the property than written reviews can, a lot of the time!

    I too try to combine sources. I do find TripAdvisor has been pretty reliable and on the mark though, at least in the venues, attractions and accommodations I've visited.
  5. What also makes me return to TripAdvisor is the fact that most of the pictures there are uploaded by the guest rather than the 'professional' photographs that the property uploads to an online travel agency. You can much more easily asses the actual state of the facilities rather than his the property is advertising itself. For some properties there is occasionally a big gap between the reality and the advertisement.
  6. I use TripAdvisor all the time and contribute whenever I can. Not all reviews are published and one of mine was held back for review because it was critical of the council. They did publish it in the end, but free speech should be allowed.

    People know there are fake reviews, just as there are on Yelp and Amazon. You figure them out by looking at the profile and who else at the same time posts a review. Some people aren't that clever; one place I knew wrote a review for their own place using the mother's account, but as she had the same surname as the owner it was a bit obvious as it was the only positive review.

    A real review has good and bad points and if it was really bad, the owner can respond. You can tell a real contributor from where they have traveled and their level too. Reviews are subjective, so that's why some I read I can see the people are whiny and expected too much. I have a friend who is very rich who writes on TripAdvisor, and she whines about the most silly things like a hotel running out of her favorite caviar!
  7. I certainly don't use trip advisor reviews to base any decision on, and I'd urge nobody else to either.

    I've had a run in with trip advisor myself, obviously nothing as big as what was in the OP but that also was regarding a fake review.

    Cut a long story short, I used to own a small coffee shop and it was very popular, had a page on trip advisor with all 4 and 5 star reviews and we was very proud of the place, how we ran it and customer satisfaction was more important than anything to us (and I'm not just saying that)

    Anyway, one day we got a 1 star rating on trip advisor, and from what she described in the review, we remembered who the customer was, and at the time she said she enjoyed what she had and left happily enough. The review she gave was pure lies. Who she said served her, wasn't even working that day, for a start, and we couldn't figure out what her problem was.

    A week later, one of my staff was on their way to work, and walked passed a newly opened coffee shop that was just around the corner from where we was. I bet you can't guess who the new owner was can you? That's right, the same woman that had given us the 1 star review on trip advisor.

    So let that be a lesson, don't always believe what you read on these review sites, people often have hidden agendas.
  8. Indeed - I think when they are professional pictures it's easy for the hotel to portray themselves in the manner they want to be seen. For instance if you're taking a picture from the right angle, a room can seem far bigger than it is, or things like that.

    Having guests show the true side of a hotel is a lot better representative of what a property is really like. It makes me more confident that they are legitimate.
  9. Oh, how unfortunate! I do not use TripAdvisor. Not because of any bad press, simply because I just do not use the site out of need. Were you able to post a reply or eventually remove the comment? I would hope that your shop did not close due to one false, negative review or due to the newly opened coffee shop. I think, the best form of marketing is word of mouth from customer satisfaction.
  10. I'd never even thought about other businesses trying to do that - it's sad that someone would think that to make their business successful they would need to undermine someone else's in that manner.

    You would think if she thought her store would be a success anyway she wouldn't need to resort to those kinds of tactics. Sadly some people are just downright malicious, it seems.

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