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Traditional Roles

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Gabe, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. I watched an episode of the 'Two Greedy Italians', today and they visited a village where there is a pasta eating competition in Lazio. Here, the women cook for the men and the man, Alessandro never cooks or goes to the kitchen. His mother, wife and sister serve hm food all the time and those are the roles still in some places. They seem to accept it and that's still their way of life.

    Even the hosts of the show were a little taken back by it all and they are old Italian men.
  2. I think in many parts of the world this is still the way, it is so alien to people like us as that is not how we live our lives. And I don't believe I would be comfortable at all in that role, but if it works and they are happy then good for them. I cannot imagine waiing on someone hand and foot like that though!
  3. Maybe it's a generation thing? I can't imagine that going down very well these days but I know with my grandparents that's pretty much how they lived. He went to work and paid the bills and my grandmother stayed at home, looked after the house and made sure all the cooking and cleaning was done. When he came home the food was on the table and he never lifted a finger round the house.

    I'm not saying what's right or wrong, these days we're a bit more equal when it comes to everything I think.
  4. In most Eastern cultures, I think it is still that way, where women serve the men. Although, Italy is not the East, it is a nation that values culture and heritage, with that comes old values and the concept of women in the kitchen and men being served. Nevertheless, Italy is a modern country and I am sure that practice is changing. It probably depends on the family dynamics of each individual household.
  5. I'd also imagine it will depend on the part of the country aswell? I think in the large cities then that will be a thing of the past but go into the rural areas and little town's and they'll probably be more traditional with the way they do things.
  6. I think in a lot of traditional households that is still the case. My grandpa is from Italy and will never help clean up after dinner or even help prepare it. He is stuck in that old school Italian mindset that women should cook and clean.
    I think times have changed especially now that many more women are in the work force then years ago. A lot more men are taking in the household responsibilities.
  7. Well a lot of nationality holds traditional roles, so I dont think so that it is a primarly italian thing.
  8. It is quite normal in Serbia too. Especially when you have someone over and if you live in some village. I do not like this at all for two reasons. I like my woman to feel free and do what ever she likes and second reason is that as a chef i really do NOT like any one else in my kitchen :). So, my mother and i usually make food in my house. Every time, for us, for guests, it doesn't matter. It rural parts when they have some guests. The MAN sits like he is glued on the chair and waves his hands to his female members of the house like he is a king or something. I don't feel sorry for those ladies because they let him. Another topic but it is the same in many parts of the world.
  9. Here is the same thing in Russia. Women cook food mostly. To go even further, a certain percent of them are housewives (casalinghe in Italian). But personally as a man, I do not really need anyone to serve food for me. I can easily go and have lunch or dinner outside. I'm even interested in developing some cooking skills. It's 2015, the modern age where any skill can turn out to be hugely valuable.

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