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Trade Unions In Italy

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Chillout, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. This is perhaps a question for those that work or have worked in Italy.

    Are you a subscribed to a trade union?

    I have been subscribed to CGIL every since I started working in Italy which was back in 2004.

    Do you feel it is important to be subscribed? Have you ever needed to use their services?
  2. Well, to be honest, I had no idea you have to subscribe to them.

    I did need their services some time ago, I was unemployed and wanted to apply for unemployment. I knew it wasn't a lot of money but I thought, it's better than nothing.

    So, the people from INPS sent me to the people from CGIL. No one told me I need to be a member though!
    They prepared my documents and sent me back to INPS. The request was rejected but they didn't even mention about having to be a member to use their services.

    I thought that you're automatically in the system once you have a work contract.
  3. If you need assistance regarding filling out forms you can go to the camera di lavoro where they will help you free of charge.

    If you have legal troubles regarding employment then CGIL will usually use their lawyers to fight a case for you. This I believe is only free for those that subscribe. Of course, each month they will take a small amount from your pay for being subscribed.

    I have never really needed to use them other than small bits of information about employment law and sometimes feel that it's a waste of money.
  4. It depends on which work you do.
    In this period a lot of big and small company have trouble and so, there are change in contracts and some time there is the dismissal of a small/large number of persons.

    A trade union can help you in these situations, and for my political view I'd choose CGIL as well.
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  5. Actually, I said in my post above that they take a small amount from you wages. CGIL take 1% of my monthly pay each month.

    Do all unions take the same amount or does it vary on each union?

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