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The World's Deepest Swimming Pool Is In Italy

Discussion in 'Padova' started by Rosie, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. It's official :D Italy is home for the world's deepest (and coolest) swimming pool in the whole world! (from Huffingtonpost: "Guinness World Records-certified as the world's deepest swimming pool for diving.")

    The pool, near Padua, it is called the Y-40 pool, that is so big, it's unbelievable. It's about 40 meters deep (or 131 feet), it has caves inside (literally... they built artificial caves deep under), there's a tunnel going through it as well, where people can walk freely, looking up at the divers just like in an aquarium.

    It's actually pretty cool :) It's odd I didn't know about this until now, I would have thought they would advertise it more, since it's so 'legendary' :)

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