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The Trulli

Discussion in 'Bari' started by Roberto, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. have you been here already or are you planning to? :)
    I'm planning to, I just don't know when, but soon!
    I'd love to visit these trulli, these very weird cottages that look so amazing! :)
    Some people live there, must be so interesting to live in such a structure!

    Here's a video, with more images of the place, I found it on YouTube:

  2. Yes I have been! They are really cool. I stayed in Alberobello in a trullo and it was a unique experience. They are quite roomy even the ones that are one room. Also the food is incredible there and surprisingly cheap. I highly recommend a few days here (that's enough time) and then heading to the coast for the amazing beaches!
  3. @Roberto: The video isn't showing anymore... We can only watch it on YouTube now.

    I haven't been, but the region really does look cool! I've watched the video and, indeed, the place looks like a fairytale!
    It's odd, how Italy is so famous for the architecture, the narrow streets, the columns... and yet Alberobello is so much different! It's definitely a must see destination!

    I think I've mentioned this before, but I never get tired of saying it: I want to visit as many UNESCO locations as possible. It's such a shame to live in Italy and only visit the same surrounding areas, when such beautiful destinations await ( They await me :D LOL)

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