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The Trevi Fountain

Discussion in 'Rome' started by spn614, May 27, 2009.

  1. The Trevi Fountain

    i remember my tour guide telling us to trow a coin while facing backwards into the fountain, and if you did that, you would return to tour there again. i hope it does come true, i wish to visit italy again.

    have you guys tried it yet?
  2. yes I have! It's one of my favorite memories in Italy. Here's a photo of me and my travel buddy getting ready to toss!

  3. Re: The Trevi Fountain

    We stayed at a hotel literally 1 minute away from the Trevi (Hotel delle Nazioni) and no matter what time of night or day we went past there were always people doing the lucky 'coin toss'. We often used to go buy acouple of bottles of peroni from the little drinks stall nearby and just sit watching bus loads of tourists coming along. One of the most popular and atmospheric places in Rome and one day we hope to go again.
  4. Re: The Trevi Fountain

    I love that fountain and would definitely toss a coin if I got there. I remember it from several motion pictures. Three Coins in a Fountain is probably the most noted, but there was also Gidget Goes to Rome that added a comedic twist to it.
  5. Re: The Trevi Fountain

    I will admit that usually I'm too much of a tightwad to throw even the smallest amount of money into these tourist trap places but I made an exception for the Trevi and donated a 10c coin - who says romance is dead..
  6. Yes I've been to the Trevi fountain; I thought it was beautiful even at nighttime, which is when I saw it. I tossed a coin in, but the tour guide didn't say anything about doing it backwards!!
  7. The legend states that soldiers were sent to research the water springs closest to Rome, who, while on assignment, met a young girl that led them to the pure springs. It is from this legend that the water is gets its name the "Virgin Water".

    During antiquity, a glass of the fresh, thirst quenching water from the Trevi Fountain was said to ensure good fortune and a fast return to Rome.

    Over the course of time, this practice was replaced with the tossing of a coin in the fountain. The precise tradition calls for one to throw the coin over one's left shoulder while standing with one's back to the Trevi Fountain.
  8. I haven't even been to Rome yet! I went by it, to arrive to Caserta, but didn't stop to visit Rome.
    When I visit it (see how optimistic I am? :D ) I'll definitely visit the fountain and throw a coin in it. Even if the saying isn't true, at least the money gets donated to charity from what I've heard.
  9. No, the money is usually collected by some little thieves or people begging.

    So throw small coins :D
  10. I know that we will do this! I know my kids will love it. I'm going to do some research on the fountain so we know all the facts prior to tossing our coins in. Thanks for sharing a great place to visit.

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