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The Tremiti Islands

Discussion in 'Foggia' started by Roberto, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. I had no idea there are some really small islands in the province of Foggia :) It's very cool! They are "famous" (using comas because they are in fact not so famous..) for the fact that there are many earthquakes over there, and the smallest island of the archipelago is Cretaccio, which is a deserted island people go for snorkeling and diving and, well, to enjoy some peace and quiet.
  2. Hi, I'm from Puglia and you're right, there are some really small islands in the Gargano! The most famous are the Tremiti islands, but there are also other smaller islands that are almost unknown! I've never gone to the Tremiti islands but my sister who went there, said that they are fantastic! The sea is very clean and crystalline! The Gargano is very great! Bye :)
  3. They look so beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd dare going there because of those earthquakes. I have felt two moderate ones in my life, in one day, and that had been the most terrifying day of my life. I guess I've developed a phobia throughout the time, which is a shame, seeing how breathtaking the Tremiti Islands look on the photos.
  4. The Tremiti Islands look downright beautiful. I've never been there, but I think the scenery would make photographers happy about being there. There is a film title "Islands (Isole)" that was filmed there. Which has been screened in one of the Italian film festivals. Here is a trailer of the film without subtitles:

  5. I had never known about these islands either. I just googled to learn about them and they seem fantastic. It would be great to plan a vacation around them. I guess they have broken into such small islands due to it having been a heavy earth quake region. Apparently the islands were used for the internment of political prisoners during Benito Mussolini's Fascist regime. Never the less, they seem to be quite a tourist destination as well.

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