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The Standard In Italian Schools

Discussion in 'Health and Education' started by Aurelia, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Well, I've been thinking about this for some time now and I can't but wonder what are your opinions on this topic. How much do the children learn? How competent are the students in the middle school or high school? And how much are they capable of keeping up with the demands of the university?

    Here's what I've noticed about schools in my country:
    The standard is no longer the same, unfortunately - it has, to a great degree, decreased. Nowadays, there are more students who are under average than above average and teachers are, as a result, forced to demand less and less from their students. What has happened to providing a challenge for all students in the classroom? I was one of those students who had always wanted to learn more and sometimes I was really irritated by the lack of knowledge from my classmates, and I've noticed that the trend has increased - the students are learning less and less, and relying on cheating.

    Schools in Sarajevo are not providing students who are competent enough - They don't know the sciences, they don't know the grammar, they don't speak foreign languages. They're average. High schools are packed with students who, at times, can't tell the difference in between a noun and an adjective, let alone the difference in between adverb and adverbial. And surprisingly, some of them have good grades. It has made me wonder. What exactly is happening to schools? How come that a highschooler can't tell you the basics of grammar and math problems? How come that teachers must work within these gaps in order to achieve some kind of standard? What has happened?

    I am curious about the education in Italy. Do you sometimes find yourself wondering about it? How demanding are Italian schools? And how successful and providing competent students? Please, share your opinions with me.

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