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The positives of Calabria

Discussion in 'Calabria' started by Orrymain, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. The positives of Calabria

    What are some of the pluses to the Calabria area? I know we've had the official website posted here, but official sites are always rhetoric meant to promote no matter what the truth is. What's your opinion of Calabria?
  2. Re: The positives of Calabria

    Yikes Orrymain! Apparently there aren't many pluses to the Calabria area since nobody has posted in over a year! Or maybe there just aren't any people on from that area :D
  3. Calabria is very beautiful! I don't live in Calbaria so i cant really add much here. I guess at the moment we do not have any users from that area. All i know is that Calabrian food is hot. They like there chilli. I too would be interested to hear from anyone in the region.
  4. I think there is a lack of people from Calabria on here. It's so far down down there in the south that I haven't had the chance to visit. I do know that many people from Puglia go there on Holiday. It's supposed to be very beautiful! Hope one day I get the change to visit.
  5. I too have heard it is beautiful, but other than that I'm afraid I know very little. I have never been, but a friend of mine has. Anyone on here been there?
  6. Although I have never been to Italy myself, I have a friend that was born in Calabria and from what she tells me, it is amazingly beautiful. I hope to visit there one day.
  7. To answer the first question on 'pluses to the Calabria area'. For the historians there are many Norman Castelli to explore located from Nicastro ,Catanzaro and Crotone. Some are preserved well and others are in a dilapidated state but they are there scattered around the region. For the spiritual people there are many beautiful churches to visit from Conflenti and decollatura (cz) to Fabrizia (vv) and beyond. For the adventurists the beaches on both coastlines are quite large with white / cream sand as found in Australia. The roads in the region snake their way through the mountains and surrounding landscape and distance from coast to coast is not more than 60km .Calabrian people love their food some examples are: Zeppole or 'GrisBelle' as they are called in conflenti/decollatura area , the famous chicken cutlet, deep fried in flour and egg batter also pasta's with tomatoe sauce and chillie peppers. Along with regional wines and pork sausage,coppa and prosciutto i don't think that anyone could go hungry. My last visit to Calabria was in 2009 and i still have many Calabrese relatives there and many more in Australia. Ciao belle.

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