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The Girl With A Pearl Earring - In Bologna Until May 25th

Discussion in 'Bologna' started by Sing-Mey, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. The masterpiece will be present in Bologna until May 25th. The girl with a pearl earring is making a world tour, sort of, while the Hague Museum is being renovated.

    If you want to see the famous Rembrandt masterpiece, visit the Fava Palace in Bologna :) It's worth it, even if just for a painting :)
  2. This may sound stupid, but I thought this was just the name of a movie :D Which I haven't seen, so I kind of feel I should have known about the painting :D So embarrassing!

    Well, I'm not planning on visiting Bologna anytime soon so.. tough luck for me this time.
    It's a great opportunity though! It's not everyday you get to see an important masterpiece, which is usually in a different country!
  3. I know that novel The Girl with a Pearl Earring, not the movie. Must be a coincidence.
  4. It's actually the painting that brought about both the novel and the movie. I'd read the novel and seen the movie, but I haven't actually seen the masterpiece itself (not many can say that they have...). A tour around the world, very interesting. That would be incredible!! Whoever can clear the schedule for a day or two, that would be an excellent experience! I wonder what the original really looks like, smells like...

    Thank you for sharing the news!

    People, head for Bologna! :D
  5. But @Aurelia the painting is now no longer at at the Fava Palace in Bologna. :cool: The exhibition was from February to May 28 last year. It should now be back at The Hague.
  6. Awww, so bad. I still live in 2014...

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