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The Cipponeri Family

Discussion in 'Palermo' started by kalb13, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Hi, my name is Kevin and my mother's maiden name is Cipponeri. We live in the central valley of California and most of the Italian side of my family are all farmers that came here from the old country. By "old country" I mean Sicily. I've done some very basic research (just asked my grandpa who came here when he was 11) and he said our family used to all come from a small village that overlooked the northern coast of sicily. I wonder, has anyone else here thought to look into their family history? Or trace back their genealogy? I'm really interested in the history behind this crazy family of mine...Where would be a good starting point that wouldn't cost a lot of money?
  2. If you not read this exert on your family, this is a good starting place. Sure there is a connection.

    Here is a site with a great big list

    My favorite free sites are FindAGrave and RootsWeb

    Not free, but good

    By the way, enjoyed your blog
  3. Wow talk about helpful! Thank you! The city I was thinking of was "Custanaci" where my family originated from...It's interesting though, I have no idea how my branch of the family ended up all the way over here in Modesto...I know my grandmas side spent a lot of time in Detroit before coming here though...Are there any other Cipponeri's on here?
  4. Your welcome. I have spent years doing my and my husbands family trees. I enjoy it and think it is important for future generations to have their history preserved (said this in another thread, too).

    Anyways, wanted to say, think it is quite common- this connection between Detroit and California. I know that some of my husband's Italian relations (eg grandparents, etc) went from Michigan to California, San Bernardino to be exact. Fairly certain, their was a connection with the fruit industry, too. So, think it is pretty cool your family lines are still in this industry.

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