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Terni - Great For Photography Lovers

Discussion in 'Terni' started by Francesca, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. I heard that this province is ideal for who is a big fan of photography, like, you can take a lot of fantastic pictures because the area is amazing.
    I've seen pictures on Google Images, whoever said this about taking photos in Terni isn't lying :D
  2. I think all locations is Italy are worth seeing for picture taking reasons :)
    This is such a beautiful country!
    Sure, the economy is crap, there are many problems due to foreigners and poverty lately, but despite all that, Italy is a very beautiful country! Italians should be proud to live in such a magnificent place on the map :)
  3. I absolutely agree with you. I'd seen the photos as well, and I simply had to share some. They're breathtaking! Although I'd not expected it to be, so you could say I was pleasantly surprised.

    I especially like the photo of the waterfall. I could imagine myself there easily. Same goes with the castles and fortresses. They're my type of locations. Cities are beautiful too, but you can also find beauty in nature and this region certainly has it!

    Check out the photos that were exquisite:




  4. Wow, look at all those amazing photographs. When were these taken, @Aurelia? The on on the top looks majestic.
  5. Oh, these are not mine. You can find them, and more, anywhere, just by typing Terni. I didn't write down references simply because it's impossible to trace the original. :)
  6. There are so many places in Italy I would love to visit simply for the photo opportunities - so many breathtaking sights everywhere you look!

    From the architecture to the beautiful nature - it's a photographer's delight I'm sure.

    I'd love to visit that waterfall, do you know the name of it by any chance?
  7. Name is Cascate delle Marmore.
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