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Tale Of Tales

Discussion in 'Italian Music, Film and TV' started by Hermann, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Coming in May. A fantasy movie in three epidodes taken by " Lo cunto de li cunti " , a collection of 50 fairy tales written by Giambattista Basile, Napoli, 1634.

    Interestingly this collection comprises one of the first written versions of Cinderella.
    Perrault wrote the french version sixty years after Basile.
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  2. That's pretty cool! Never knew about those series of fairytales, thanks for sharing! Using fairytales has become such a trend in movies, I am intrigued by this Italian way of doing it.

    (watching the trailer makes me realize I should practice Italian more often!)
  3. This should be fun to watch. Fifty fairtales combined into a series of three films is quite an endeavor. It takes a lot of creativity to make such a challenge come to life. Italian artists and film makers have a reputation for making quality award winning movies, its such tallent thst allows them to succeed.
  4. Well.. its not three movies, just one movie divided in three short episodes.
  5. Now that you mention it... I´ve also realised that is the case. Take for example Once Upon a Time. Four seasons and still running! They´ve already exhausted almost every fairy tale there is and there´s still something fun to see. Just a week ago, I watched the new Cinderella movie as well. It was fabulous, a little long in the beginning, but fabulous nevertheless. I can´t wait to see another one, but no one seems to be filming at the moment! I tried watching "Into the Woods" but I was disappointed. Hopefully, this will be more interesting.

    Fifty is a lot! I wonder how they´d done it. By incorporating as many into one, perhaps?

  6. Hey Aurelia! :D Long time no see! :)
    Fifty is a lot, maybe. But probably possible to incorporate many into one, yup -- like in OUAT, or like in -- did you ever see The 10th Kingdom? Twas a classic of my childhood!

    And the trailer of this new Tale of Tales reminded me of the mood of many fairytale movies I've saw, but I could not exactly pinpoint each one.
  7. You too have watched 10th Kindgom?! JOIE!!! You´re a marvel. I have enjoyed that one so much!! It was so amazing. I even video-taped it (that was the fashion back then), but I never watched it afterwards. Later on, I bought it on DVD and watched it oncee more, but that was it. Now I feel like watching it again.

    Perhaps they plan on making a character that has qualities of various characters, such as Lady (let´s call her Lady XD) who is Belle, Cinderella, Snow and Aurora all in one or something similar. When I watched the newest Cinderella version, I recognised the line from Beauty and the Beast when Ella asked for "a branch that her father touched" (the sisters wanted parasols, dresses, lace...), only Belle asked for a rose.
  8. Heh, like Rumpel who is Rumpelstiltskin and the crocodile and the Beast etc!

    In my country, the 10th Kingdom would come on air every Christmas season, so I'd watch it then. Good memories!

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