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Street Safety In Italies Cities

Discussion in 'Current Affairs In Italy' started by Rosie, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. This is one of the most discussed topics right now, on the news, on the internet, and I don't know whether it's true or not.
    It seems that there are more and more burglaries, bank robberies, people getting scammed for money or valuable objects, ecc., ecc.

    Does this happen in your area as well? Or is this just a way for the media to get into our heads to make us be more careful?

    The last thing I've read about, on an online newspaper, it that some old ladies got scammed when opening the door to strangers pretending to be policemen. It seems the two men robbed the old ladies of their jewelry... Ugh, so frustrating to think this really is happening!
  2. At the end of last year I saw some report about criminal acts, and in general the % are going down in big cities (such as Milan or Rome), but I agree that watching TV it seem that the conditions are getting worst and worst...

    Weird, why the TV should want to scare us ....
  3. I've never had anything stolen or run into problems in any of my visits to Italy but I have had my wallet stolen in broad daylight in New Zealand, which is meant to be one of the world's safest countries. I guess you have to be vigilant, no matter where you are in the world. I really don't think the crime in Italy is all that bad.
  4. Unfortunately crime happens everywhere and I still much safer in Italy than my home country.

    I have noticed an increase in people trying to sell or scam by knocking on people doors and you have to be careful when this happens.

    I still feel safe though when visiting larger cities in Italy.
  5. My opinion, Italy is still pretty safe, compared to other countries.
    I'm sure the police and the law forces in general are taking care of citizens, and the fact that most "crimes" are committed by immigrants makes the law people even more mad :D
    So, I think we are safe in Italy, it's true that you see more and more of this kind of news on TV, but I think they're only doing it to make the population aware that there are real dangers out there and we should just be more careful, that'l all. Especially the elderly, they should watch the news and learn not to open the door to everyone who says they are police or from ENEL or selling stuff.
  6. The first time I went to Rome, I was shocked. The city is super safe. You can go out the night without worrying. I don't know how they've done it. The same with other big cities. Overall Italy is really safe country.
  7. Interesting.
    Well, then I'll stick to my crazy-person theory :D which is that the media is trying to make us go coo-coo crazy with all they show in TV.

    I live in Northern Italy and, overall, it's pretty safe as well. Sure, there are some streets where you don't want to walk alone, especially at night, but those are isolated areas.

    I'm so glad to hear that the big cities are safe and that it's all in my head :D
  8. Maybe because we were tourist and only walk in public area. But it's propably TV being to excessive when a something bad happens.
  9. This scarey and weird things are happening all over the world, the world is not the same anymore, it has changed into a crazy place where negative activities are hightening at a very alarming rate.
  10. I find Italy much safer than many places I have been to as there is still very much a family mentality where the mother will look out for everyone. The difference is people do take notice and will intervene or say something, not like in the UK or USA where people don't want to get involved in case they get hurt or sued.

    There are recent crimes on CCTV where owners of a shop and passers by ignored a woman being beaten up on a main road in daylight in both countries. In Italy people would say something, or picture an old lady hitting people with her shopping bag. There is crime, but like everywhere you have to keep your wits about you, but I traveled by myself and felt safe and found so many people willing to help me.
  11. Burglaries, bank robberies and scams are not endemic to a single country. Rest assured, Italian cities are not alone. I live in a third world country I've seen these things happen in broad daylight. The installation of CCTV cameras in key areas has indeed helped to resolve some issues. Hopefully, when I get to travel to Italy (especially Rome, Milan and Sicily), none of these things will happen - heaven forbid.
  12. That is true.
    If there is anything going on, Italians will jump in to help! And no only Italians, some foreigners too.

    And speaking of foreigners, I believe that Italians will jump in to help because they are sick of the foreigners' bad behavior! All you hear is 'a foreigner did this', 'a foreigner did that', just replace the word 'foreigner' with a nationality.... and they are sick of it and, frankly, I am too! I am a foreigner in Italy, just minding my own business and these jerky foreigners come here and ruin everyone's reputation.

    This is why I think they jump in to help. Because they are so blind with anger, and seeing your own people being hurt by these low-lives is just something they cannot take anymore. And it's good that they feel this way, I'd love to have someone jump in and help me out in case I run into trouble on the street!
  13. I haven't heard of this lately but I'm pretty sure it's been going on. There are just so many media outlets now a days and any story can break at any given time. TV, radio, internet, and newspaper gives us many sources to get info. I wouldn't be surprised in this case as crime is everywhere.
  14. I heard that there's a lot of petty crime (pickpockets) in Rome, and a lot of gypsies looking to scam you, but nothing happened to me while I was there on holiday:)

    You have to remember, there's crime in EVERY country, and the news outlets can't report on how safe a country is, because that's not considered "news"
  15. Oh that is just horrible. The concept of community policing has been around for a while, and the idea is to strengthen the security by having the police department building communication, ties, relationship, transparency, with the surrounding communities. Working closely, hand-in-hand, so that they could help prevent crimes even before it happens.

    I sometimes cannon be forced to accept the realities that such unnecessary happenings can be prevented. Just do a bit of a quick search and you'll find links to serious crime watcher apps:
  16. And I agree with @sammien94 that the safety of a country is not news. It's uncomfortable as stories, but like @mairj23 listed, there are many sources to find reliable information.
  17. I think it's safe for tourists at least. I don't think criminals want anything to with tourists. Especially since there are a LOT of police patrolling the more tourist populated places. But if you want to go somewhere where most tourists don't, you might have to be careful, which is sad.
  18. In my opinion I wouldn't have thought the cities in Italy are any worse for crime than in any other country. You can get your wallet or bag snatched walking to your local shop so I wouldn't let that type of thing put anybody off visiting certain places.
  19. I never had some problems with safety in Italy and I war really often in this country. So, don't think a lot on that what the media is trying ram into our brains. Just decide on your own looking to your city and tell us!? Don't worry so much about the media.
  20. Well, it depends of course in which city you are. IN my zone (north of italy) it doesn't really happen a lot because I'm living in a really small town and we know basically each other but in larger cities like Milan, Turin, Rome this can surely happen. What I would recommend is to take with you also pepper spray because often I hear news of some aggressiosn.

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