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Simplified Pizza

Discussion in 'Italian Recipes' started by Kitty Reeves, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Have you ever made a simplified pizza? You know, where you combine a bread base with some sort of tomato sauce and some sort of cheese?

    Pizza made with a baguette, left over basil tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.

    I love making genuine pizza, but sometimes my budget doesn't allow me too. I satisfy my want for pizza with "simplified" pizza.
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    Well, no. I don't think pizza could ever be simplified. My idea of a "simplified" pizza was: the smaller the pizza, the more difficult they are to prepare. Like those mini pizza snacks at parties that are very small in sizes. :)

    When I think of a simpler pizza, I think of the smaller versions of the ones I like to have. In other words, having them in bite sizes. So it's like ordering the same thing, but in very, very small size. :D

    They look more like these pizzas from the Pillsburry website:


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  3. These days there are many bread bases you can use as pizza bases even naan bread. Lots of stores do garlic flatbreads and all you need to do is add some tomato paste, toppings and cheese and it's a cheaper pizza. It's also a good way to use stale bread as the base it a lot thicker and holds the toppings more.

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