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Discussion in 'Siena' started by Florentina, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. I have been advised to visit Siena in the Tuscany region on my next visit to Italy. The Piazza del Campo, with a 300-foot bell tower (Torre de Mangia) on top, apparently offers a view over beautiful countryside. Does anyone know this town? Is it worth staying over in Siena, or shall I just pass through?
  2. I think you should visit everything possible! :D
    I may sound like a crazy person but I'm always fascinated about new cities, new landscapes, etc.

    I think that, since we only have one life, we should make the best of it and if you like to travel you should see everything that comes your way.
    I read a quote on the internet that I agree with 100%: "our life is like a book and whoever doesn't travel only reads one page". I have no idea who said it but it's a beautiful quote.
  3. It is truly a beautiful quote, Rosie, and very true. I will listen to your advice and visit as many places as possible in Italy - old and new, large and small, famous and hidden away. :)
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