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Sauce: Homemade Vs Store Bought

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by KimmyMarkks, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Do you make your own sauce at home or do you buy it pre-made? If you buy it canned what brands do you love an trust?
  2. I do both to be honest. There are times when I am in a hurry, and simply want to grab a pre made sauce and get something on the table as quickly as possible. Other times, I may have the day off and feel like making a good home made sauce from scratch with canned crushed tomatoes, fresh garlic, onion, parsley, olive oil, etc...

    What might seem a bit odd though is I tend to avoid the more expensive pre-made sauces, even if they may be of moderately better quality. I generally tend to stick with some of the cheaper store brands of jarred sauces instead. There are a few that I find not so bad, especially for the price. They usually sell for around 99 cents a jar, which is about what I pay for a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes.

    I just refuse to pay upwards of $7-$9 a jar for some of these fancier branded jarred tomato sauces - of which there seem to be a lot popping up lately. Many of our local Italian restaurants all have their own lines of tomato sauce in the stores now, as do celebrity chefs such as Mario Batali. Of the ones I've tried, the quality was only moderately better, if at all, but certainly not worth the jump in price by any means.

    Plus, even if I am going to use a jarred sauce, I may pair it with some other fresh ingredients to liven it up. For example, when I make sausage stuffed hot italian wax peppers, I stuff them with hot and mild sausage, which already has a bunch of garlic and seasonings in it. Those flavors along with the flavor from the peppers, liven up the sauce and make it taste more fresh anyhow.
  3. Much the same as OhioTom above me, I do a mix of both. I love making home made sauce, but the fact of the matter is some days it's just a lot of work to make it from scratch and time doesn't always permit it to happen. When I do buy store bought sauce though, I also like trying to make it more like home made by adding my own touches to it, like fresh herbs from my garden.
  4. This is horrible, but I don't think I have ever made my own spaghetti sauce. I really should because I eat a pasta dish at least two or three times a week. Right now though I have quite a bit of the jarred pasta sauce. Costco was having a I have enough to last for the next two or 3 months...maybe after that runs out I will try making my own.
  5. Sometimes I just do a mixture of the two. The thing is I love actual chunks of certain tomatoes in my pasta sauce. Most people here in the states just overpower the actual sauce with pounds of ground meat. I don;t know if that;s bad or good, I just know I want to taste actually tomatoes and certain spices over just meat in my pasta. I'd rather have steak on the side with its own flavor than have my whole meal taste like one thing.
  6. I have attempted to make homemade pasta sauce before, and I do think that it is better than the store-bought, but for my money it is just too inconvenient and too much of a hassle to make my own pasta sauce when it's right there for me to buy at the super market. :p
  7. Homemade sauce is way better than store-bought sauce, I love cooking and I try to make my own sauce whenever is possible. I must confess though, sometimes when I'm in a hurry I just go to the grocery store and grab a can of pre made sauce, it doesn't taste as good as the homemade one but it allows me to put something on the table quickly. I only buy pre made sauce only if I'm eating alone or with my husband, if I have guests over for dinner it's a big no.
    Now that I think about it though, I often buy pre made pesto, it tastes almost as good as the one I make (I said almost) and it gives my basil plants a bit of respite.
  8. When it comes to sauces I also do both, make my own but also buy in-store aswell.

    The home made sauces taste better, but with the busy lifestyle we lead these days, the shop bought ones are more convenient. Luckily some of the big name brands are actually quiet good, so even though they're not as tasty, they are...well, adequate shall we call them, if you're in a rush.
  9. I always liked store bought for convenience, but since I saw how much sugar is in them I have decided to make my own more often. It takes longer, but I am trying to cut down on unnecessary sugar. I do think having an odd jar of onion and garlic tomato sauce is useful for emergencies though, or if you need a base for a pizza.
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  10. It's true that a lot of pre-cooked ready meals and sauces do contain a lot of sugar as its used as a preservative. Even if you look at the ingredients it's easy to tell that your home made recipes are far more healthier aswell, so the only reason TO use them is the time factor and convenience like we said.
  11. Your question is very interesting. You used singular like it is one holly sauce :) I am not Italian but I am a chef, or was, I mean in Serbia we do whatever we need to. Anyway, I just never bought any pre-made sauce. I really don't see the point if you want to enjoy your meal. If you don't have time or money you eat something else that requires no sauce at all.
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  13. I think that Dolmio have only come out and said officially what we've already known for a long time. That's why the people that I know, myself included would only use the ready meal style sauces twice a week at the most.

    Making a healthier version I'd be interested to try though, just to see what it tastes like, and if it would be worth trying in the future
  14. I use both.
    I use bought sauce (Presto or Bertolli, depending on which one the international shop decides to stock here) when I'm in a hurry or too tired to cook, however I don't really the taste of store bought sauce. It just never tastes right. If I am forced to use it, I mainly saute some onions, garlic, peppers and carrots in the pot, then add the sauce and simmer until the carrots are soft. I also add a lot of garlic powder in there.

    I prefer making my own sauce, and I enjoy making it. I
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  15. I think that's a good point, and just because we are all aware that homemade is better than shop bought, it's not exclusive and you HAVE to choose either one or the other.

    If you have time to make homemade every night for dinner then so be it, but if not then there's no harm in using the shop bought sauces, and you can even mix the two. I know people that buy the sauces but add a couple of their own ingredients to them to 'spice them up a little'.
  16. Homemade sauce have always had a special place in my heart. It tastes better, in my opinion, and it tastes different compared to store bought sauces, which makes it even more unique. You can have your own style in taste, and it will always remind you of home, whenever you are away. It's a great way to mark your tastebuds with the prospect of home, and you will always know the difference between them when you buy outside brands or eat on commercial places.
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  17. You don't have to be an expert to be able to tell the difference between an home made sauce, and one bought in a jar, they really are that different as you say.

    There I'd a trend now though where people are actually using both. They're using the jar of sauce as the base, and then just adding their own special ingredients on top.
  18. I agree. I've been cooking pastas for years now, and I can tell the difference between a home made sauce and the one bought from a grocery store, although I am not an expert. Probably because of experience since I've tried a lot of sauce in the market, just to know which tastes better, including some experiments as well :)

    I do use both in making a pasta sauce. I normally buy at the grocery store a plain pasta sauce or tomato sauce and just cook it the way I like it :)
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  19. I think that a lot of people do that these days, and especially if you're making a meal for other people. If it's a meal just for me then sometimes I am lazy and just use the sauce straight from the jar and don't add anything, but if I'm cooking for others I will make more of an effort.

    Ideally I'll make my own sauce right from scratch, but due to time constraints it is a lot easier just to add ingredients to a shop bought sauce, and once you have added your own unique touch to it, you can sometimes get away with passing it off as your own...not that I'm condoning doing that of course, haha!
  20. Usually I prefer homemade sauce, but if I don't want to make it, my favorite store bought brand is Prego. It seems to have that home aid taste, and the ingredients in it always taste fresh. There truly is nothing better than home aid though. It's the best of the best.:rolleyes:

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