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Sant Agata Dei Goti

Discussion in 'Benevento' started by Aurelia, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. I'd found this stunning photo while I was looking for photos of Campania and I simply couldn't resist. This building stole my breath away.

    Sant Agata dei Goti is located about 35 km northeast of Naples and about 25 km west of Benevento near the Monte Taburno.

    Main Sights:

    1. Cathedral (Duomo), founded in the 10th century. Due to the repeated reconstruction, little remains of the original edifice. The Romanesque crypt shows parts which could belong to several pre-existing buildings, including Roman or earlier ones.
    2. Church of Santa Menna (10th century).
    3. Castle, used as Ducal Palace.
    4. Palace and church of St. Francis (1282).
    5. Gothic church of the Annunziata (13th century). It houses 15th-century frescoes, and a diptych of the Annunciation dating to the same age.
    6. The Council Room in City Hall was decorated in 1899 by Vincenzo Severino.


    S.Agata dei Goti.jpg

    santagata dei goti BEST (Small).jpg




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